UW Oshkosh Accelerated Nursing October 2013 Cohort - page 2

Hello, Has anyone out there applied to the October 2013 cohort? I just completed my email interview today and am looking to speak with others about what's next.... Read More

  1. by   seastar13
    Congratulations to everyone on making it this far! I just had my email interview yesterday..was kind of surprised to see that people have already had phone interviews..but since I don't have CNA experience (just the training so far) it makes sense that I am at the end of the list. It's been harder than I expected to find CNA work without previous experience, so now I am working on getting a volunteer position in a hospital. Glad this forum is here so I can find out what is happening with everyone else instead of just worrying on my own
  2. by   Undsnow
    Welcome seastar13! Be hopeful, there's been a number of people from past blogs that have said they've been accepted despite no CNA experience Are you from the WI area? And have you heard anything back about a phone interview yet?! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  3. by   seastar13
    Thanks for the encouragement!! No phone interview yet. I did have my CNA certification exam today and passed, so that's one more thing to check off my list. Hoping employment is a little easier to come by now. I am in Milwaukee (and lived in Oregon for many years too). Do you have any thoughts about why they are planning to make a decision early? They may just be on top of the application process more than usual, but my hope is that only 30 people applied.
  4. by   bkohl18
    Hello everyone!
    I'm glad to hear about other people going through this. I applied to the October 2013 cohort, and am scheduled to have my phone interview today, actually any minute now. I'm pretty nervous, but trying to relax.
  5. by   seastar13
    good luck! everyone has said that the interviewers are friendly. you will do fine!
  6. by   Undsnow
    Congrats on getting a phone interview bkohl18! How do you feel it went?! I'm assuming you have prior CNA experience? And have you heard anything yet seastar13?! This waiting game is killing me!
  7. by   ckaxen07
    This has been the longest 2 weeks of waitingand we still have to wait another month to hear anything! I jsut want to know now!!
  8. by   seastar13
    nothing . at this point i am pretty much resigned to not getting in this time around. i'll definitely have more experience when i apply again for the next cohort!! good luck to everyone, and i hope you all get good news soon!
  9. by   skigal
    Don't give up hope, seastar13! You could always call or email Becky or Sue to inquire if they are still doing phone interviews. I would bet they are - I think it is quite a long process.
  10. by   Undsnow
    Has anybody heard anymore?! It's almost May, which means we're that much closer to finding out! At least the wait will soon be over!
  11. by   futureNc
    Last year, I applied for the May 2013 cohort and did not get in. I was extremely disappointed since I have been planning for this for sometime. I reapplied for the October 2013 and I am praying that I get an acceptance letter this time around. I have completed the online and phone interview. I think both went well. I did well on the TEAS test and my GPA is also good. I do have CNA experience but it's been some time since I worked as a CNA. I have been applying for work so that I can have recent experience but it has been hard landing a job.

    I have done everything that Sue suggested for me to do to make my application stand out. I really won't know what to do if I don't get in. This program would work so well for me. My whole life is in a standstill and revolves around me getting into UWO's Accelerated BSN program. It kills me to here people say, "oh, I got in but I didn't accept because of this, this and that.." I wish they could give me their position. Anyway, May is almost here! So, I am very excited and can't wait to find out. Good luck everyone
  12. by   seastar13
    futureNc, I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to make plans for the future when you may be completely occupied for the next 12 months, too busy even to be employed. or..maybe not!! I think the program does a good job at letting applicants know exactly what we need to do to be competitive, it's just not always so easy to do those things (like finding a CNA job in an extremely tight job market..at least you have experience!!). i wish you and everyone else luck!
  13. by   bkohl18
    Thanks, Undsnow! The phone interview went really well I thought. They said I would most likely hear back the end of May, so now its just waiting. I have about 4 months of CNA experience, but worked as a health screener for a year and a half before that so I hope they take that into consideration. My GPA is what really hurts me though, it is a little low. Oh well now its just time to relax and enjoy that beautiful weather we are having in WI!