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  1. Hey! So I applied to the new grad nurse resident program for Summer 2013 and just heard back from the recruitment office. I have a preliminary phone interview next week and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what to expect. Are they just going to ask about my interests or will they get into my strengths/weaknesses and clinical type questions?

    Does anyone know what the rest of the application process is like assuming the phone interview goes well? How quickly do they fill their positions?
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  3. by   jae_mc
    I'm not a new grad but I applied to UW from out of state and had a phone interview last week. Best thing I did was go on the UW website and under the jobs section, they have an interview tips page. It lists questions you can expect to be asked. It's best to write questions and answers on a piece of paper and maybe have a laptop open in front of u on their website. It's a great advantage of a phone interview. Anyway! Good luck.
  4. by   LolaRN2
    I've had a phone and in-person interview There. What is your email? Or you can email me at lola_rn2@yahoo.com and I can give you more detailed info.
  5. by   jae_mc
    Quote from LolaRN2
    I've had a phone and in-person interview There. What is your email? Or you can email me at lola_rn2@yahoo.com and I can give you more detailed info.
    Tried to email you also but it said the yahoo account doesn't exist
  6. by   al_e135
    Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, I my old email that is used for this website is out-of-date so I didn't see this before I had my interview My email is new_rn2@yahoo.com - I tried to email lola_rn2@yahoo.com but it was just sent back to me. Any further information would be great! I was asked for my references the day after my interview and they were all submitted within 48 hours at the end of last week.
  7. by   503billy
    Anymore information on the UWH Madison? How was the face to face interview?
  8. by   akhawks
    Have you heard back since they asked for your references ?
  9. by   niunurse13
    Did anyone else hear anything further? Did you have an in person interview?
  10. by   al_e135
    I think they are calling this week! Supposedly you get an email if you are not offered a position and I think everyone is supposed to know by the end this Friday. I had an interview back in early January so I'm just glad the wait is almost over!
  11. by   niunurse13
    I had an in person interview in early January as well, and couldnt believe we had to wait until March to hear about the positions!! That is so exciting that we are supposed to hear back by the end of this week! Did your nurse manager tell you that, or do you know people in the program?
  12. by   al_e135
    I called and asked the human resources office and then they connected me to the woman actually in charge of the Nurse Residency Program. She told me on Friday that she was starting to call people but she wouldn't be done until the end of this week. And I asked specifically if we would know either way and she said you would get an email if you were not selected. Now that I know to expect an answer this week it's driving me crazy! I'm scared to check my email haha Let me know if you hear anything! Hopefully we'll both have good news soon
  13. by   niunurse13
    Haha yeah since you wrote that I have been thinking about it non-stop!! It seems like such a good opportunity! Good luck to you!!! What department was your interview with?? Mine was with the Emergency Department! I wonder if they don't select you for one department if they refer you to your other top choices?
  14. by   lolamarie
    I have a few friends who got offered positions last week (in TLC, ED, PACU, Peds, and oncology) but I am still waiting on a call or email. Lots of other people havent heard anything either.