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Hey! So I applied to the new grad nurse resident program for Summer 2013 and just heard back from the recruitment office. I have a preliminary phone interview next week and was wondering if anyone... Read More

  1. by   al_e135
    This is driving me crazy! Did either of you have contact with your manager since your interview? It was so long ago and because I'm paranoid it makes me think they somehow forgot about my interview and if they liked me or not haha Do you know how late they interviewed? My interview was the second week of January so it makes me wonder how many people they interviewed for each spot available.
  2. by   niunurse13
    I sent a thank you letter to my nurse manager after my interview in January, called and left her a voicemail with my updated leadership clinical location (in the ED, which was relevant to my interview with the ED) and then sent an updated resume and cover letter not too long ago. But since you said that one of your friends was already offered a position in the ED, it makes me think that I wasn't selected! I would think they would do all of the positions for the unit at one time, right?
  3. by   lolamarie
    I work at the hospital so I've seen my manager a few times but she doesn't discuss the residency and I am not completely comfortable asking. I think you can really expect anything at this point, a phone call or an email. Some people had interviews the third week in January, that I know of. And I know some great candidates who I can't imagine not getting hired who haven't heard anything. Seems like a waiting game now!
  4. by   Amistad
    Have you guys heard back yet? I hope I at least get an email if I wasn't selected.
  5. by   lolamarie
    I got called last Thursday with an offer for a job. I know someone who got called yesterday with a no.
  6. by   soxintricate
    Hello! I am applying for the 2014 UW Madison Nurse Residency Program and am wondering if anyone on got hired there, or got an interview in previous years. I'd love to talk to someone! Comment back here or email me at sparkkon@nmu.edu.
  7. by   soxintricate
    Hello. I'm preparing for my in-person interview (which is next week) for the summer '14 Nurse Residency Program. I would LOVE if you could offer some tips for my in-person interview and some more details on the Nurse Resident Event! I'm so excited and nervous to interview.
  8. by   andemara
    Does anyone know if the in person interviews emails are sent out all in one day or if they send them out over a couple of days?