University of Wisconsin-Madison Residency

  1. 0 Hi. This question is for the December 2011, May 2012 anyone planning to apply to UW-Madison in the coming weeks/months? I was planning on it, and I have no clue about how their process goes. Do they review your app then call for interviews? Or, do they just review the app and choose you that way? Any info is appreciated because I am clueless as to how the process is. I've read that they accept apps on a constant basis...So even if u apply now for the summer, do they let you know soon that you're accepted? Or, do you wait until the Spring to be notified?
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    I applied as a new grad and wasn't selected... They def do interviews. I did not get an interview but i talked to uw nursing students and they were all given interviews. I would call and talk to the nurse recruiter to get your specific questions answered, they were very helpful in helping me understanding the process. Its been over a year since i graduated but they did not hire that many nurses the year i graduated, and a few nurses i ran into said they had a large 'overhire' of nurses at the time. Had i known that I would have been more strategic in selecting my top 3 choices . ( I put all peds choices which everyone wants to work in.....)
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    would u know how long they take to contact you about it? i asked the recruiter some questions, but she happened to skip over that part.
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    Does anyone know if the in person interviews emails are sent out all in one day or if they send them out over a couple of days?

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