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Question about LPN State Test

  1. 0 is there a place that helps you pass the state test; like a workshop or semminer, near the milwaukee area please write back
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    You should check out virtual ATI. It is an online insturctor that walks you through preparing for the NCLEX until you actually pass. From what I know it is quite a bit cheaper than other forms of review. I think you can find out more info at
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    Hi, I just would like to know if I can take the test in an-other state? In NY they just change the law, and there are no more test for LPN. I am in NY. Also, I am still in the nursing program at NCC; however, I had to W-passing and they (the school), told me to not worry about the re-admission. The th of DEcember, I went to school and the secretary of the Chair NCC nursing was there BUT SHE DOES NOT RECEIVE STUDENT EASILY. Anyway, I was told that the classes are already full and I just need to wait. This school is so spooky; we are stressed when we waiting to get admitted first, and after we cannot wait to get out of it. If you are going to register at NCC Nursing, I will suggest to take the day classes. From 38 student on the first class, only 5 passed the NUR 204. While in the day time (3 classes), most of the student passed;they lost only 2 or 3 students.

    TIP: do not ever ask a question during lecture, read the book, and if they give you notes or power-point slides, still read the book.

    Take care and good luck to all of the new student.
    I had to w-passing due to family emergency and personal health emergency. I was told that I would be called in with no doubts about it.Well, it is not happening. I am still hopping until the th of the month; in the same time I did registered for few classes, which they are good fir the AS in science.

    STUDY FROM THE BOOK, hands-out or ppt. Yes, are helpful, but you may do not get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcom to NCC Nursing school
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    Check out suzannes plan here. Tough but free (-book). I passed pn boards that way.
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    i passed the boards using those saunder review cards and that nclex cram book they where both very helpful!!!!