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Newbie looking into RN

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I am currently looking into either going to MATC for RN or possibly Respiratoy Therapist. I attended UWM out of HS and got my degree in Bio, never did anything with it. I am currently back at UWM and studying accounting, just not sure I want to look at balance sheets the rest of my life. I work kind of full time and am in my early 30's, so I juggle school and work. I have always had an interest in patient care and I really would like to work in a hospital. No laughing either I am a male. Not sure if that will help or hurt.....just burned out in my current job of 13+ yrs and need a new career! BTW I am used to working very odd hours and always split shifts at my job, so the hours would not bother me.
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    Hi...I'm a 45 year old male RN who has worked at the hospital bedside in Critical Care/MedSurg with stints in Management for the last 15 years. Gender is a non-issue in my experience. I suggest contact the HR Dept of a local hospital and inquire about 'shadowing' a nurse(s) in areas of nursing which might be of interest. Most are more than willing to respond to this type of request (I facilitated this often when I was a Nurse Manager). While shadowing, ask as many questions about work, environment, culture that you can think of...if this heightens your interest, contact a local community college or skilled nursing facility (nursing home) about enrollment in a Nursing Assistant course. After completing this, you'll know with certainty whether or not you wish to go the next step. Good Luck!