Mlwaukee new grad start pay rates?

  1. I am going to apply for job but I don't know what are the starting rates in the different hospitals in Milwaukee area. Please share your experience if you know. I believe this will be very valued information for all new grads. Thanks
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  3. by   nursetonia08
    you beat me to it. I am from around milwaukee too and was curious. thank you.
  4. by   kikipop
    I know that St. Lukes starts new grads at just over 21/hour. I currently work for Aurora as a nurse extern and they would start me at 22.05. There is a pm and night differential and a weekend differential too. PMs is 2.25, nights is 3.25, and weekends are 1.50.
  5. by   pulipam
    I went for interview for ER in Weathon Franciscan Racine 22 +2,75 shift def.=24,75 New grasds, 12 hours shift + every third weekend.
  6. by   jenj1928
    from what I've seen, kenosha hospitals, Aurora Metro mulwaukee area, as well as all saints are all starting new grads around $22, now the differentials are a bit different from place to place as well as what is considered full time (a .9FTE is full time in racine and kenosha as well as children's but for Aurora metro hospitals a full 40hrs is required to be full time, but not Aurora south) So there are a few other things to consider! HTH! oh and some will start you out .25Cents to .50 cents more if you did an intership there.