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  1. Hi, I just got accepted to MSOE in which I would be transferring into. I'm really tempted to go to this school because they are giving me a scholarship and I start the program right away. Most of the schools that I've applied to require the TEAS/HESSI (taking the TEAS tomorrow and HESI next week..scarey ), have put me into a waiting list, or take extra classes that will not transfer else were.

    So, I was wondering if anyone has gone to this school and would like to share your opinions of this school. More so, how was the work load and if the teachers were available for help.
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  3. by   ksjobs
    I am a nursing student at MSOE, previously attented Alverno. This past quarter was my frist at MSOE. It's VERY different then Alverno but most schools are. The staff is available and willing to help, as well as there being many other campus resources available. A lot is expected of you here, there is a lot of homework and reading, but I have friends in other area nursing programs and they seem to have big work loads as well.
  4. by   ducky2000
    Thank you so much for replying! Very few people that I know have heard of this school & only know of the engineering program.
  5. by   Baehnec
    I currently attend MSOE school of Nursing as a sophomore student. I can tell you a little bit about my personal experience with coming to MSOE. First, you are absolutely right the scholarships are really helpful in getting the education you need. Second, when you come into MSOE being directly accepted into the nursing program is a HUGE advantage. You will start right away with a few nursing classes here and there and then by the time you get to your sophomore year, you will have nursing classes that most students are not able to take until junior year.

    I will say, the program is fast-paced and very dense. We run on a trimester system so we pack a lot more information into ten weeks than other schools do. This allows us to get in a lot more classes and more clinical experiences. With saying that, the program is difficult but managable. If you stay on top op your class work and studying, it is not too bad.

    Lastly o answer yor question about professors. Almost eery professor checks their email more than once a day. They are very accessible. They will usually give you more than one way to contact them and they will respond to questions you have through one of those sources. They are also VERY helpful if you get stuck in class or if you have any problems or questions.

    Let me know if this helps or if you have any moer questions
  6. by   EMTgirl
    Hey, I am just starting the admission process at MSOE and I am really excited about this program. I feel that it's a very solid program. I will also be transferring in and I have a gpa of about a 3.3 with about 80 credits, but I am worried that after they select the course they will transfer my gpa will be below a 3.0, like maybe a 2.9 according to my calculations. I should know about an admission decision within 2 weeks. If you don't mind sharing, what gpa did you have when you got accepted and how did your courses transfer? Thank you so much!
  7. by   Baehnec
    Hey! No i dont mind sharing at all. I started here as a freshman and my high school GPA was a 3.8, however, that doesn't really matter anymore. You need a 2.5 to be accepted along with other credentials. Now as a current sophomore, I have a cummulative of 2.6 and a 3.0 for this quarter. They are pretty picky with which courses will transfer into our program because they want you to have the best education they can give you and they really do want to make sure you cover all of the material we cover in our classes here. And our grading system is different from most schools, but with a 2.9 or 3.0, you should be perfectly fine. Just keep working hard when you get here and i am confident you will do great Let me know if you have any other questions for me
  8. by   Schaeuble
    I'm considering transferring to MSOE as well into their nursing program from UWM. How did the whole process go for you? Was it easy to get into the program and get into the hang of things? Did a lot of your credits transfer from your previous college? I was told by my advisor at UWM that most credits won't transfer and this will place me behind, but is it easy to catch up and grasp the class content? Overall, I'm kind of scared about the transfer. I haven't 100% decided on it yet, but any information you might have regarding your transfer and how it went, please let me know! I hope all worked out well for you with your transfer and that you're well on the way to becoming a nurse!
  9. by   kerwer11
    I am a transfer student that started out at a larger public school, but am now graduating from MSOE in a few weeks (yay!). Just about all of my credits transferred to MSOE, which was great! However, since the school is smaller all of the classes you need aren't offered every quarter. That meant that I was part-time for the majority of my senior year; which is ok, but I spent four long years at MSOE instead of being able to graduate earlier.

    I would highly encourage you to transfer! Although MSOE is tough, and requires some classes that other nursing schools don't (organic chemistry-bleh), it's worth it in the end. The smaller school has definitely helped me become a better student and learner; my grades from my big school were B's but with the individualized help and attention I now get almost all A's. You also receive a "transfer scholarship" for having a decent GPA that is about a third of my tuition. If you have any more questions, let me know!
  10. by   Laurie52
    I didn't attend MSOE, but have worked with many students in clinicals and I am always impressed at their level of functioning and the high standards they are held to. Very impressed