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  1. How stressful is Marquette university direct entry nursing program
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  3. by   MUGEM

    I am currently in the Direct Entry program at Marquette. I think that is a very valid question, as it is very intense. The three semesters I have taken so far have all seemed extremely difficult. I would recommend not working, if possible, until after spring semester. Looking back, the first summer wasn't too bad. This spring semester has been the worst for me. It is constant papers and group projects on top of studying for exams. I have heard that it gets less intense after this semester, though, so I am looking forward to that. If you put in the effort and study, you will have no problems getting decent grades. I have a 3.8 in the program so far, and I'm not constantly studying. It might go down a little after this semester, but grades aren't the most important. Understanding the material and making it through the program are important! You have to know yourself and what you need to do in order to succeed.