LPN's in Wisconsin ... what do you make/salary? - page 2

I'm a LPN student and see all types of jobs posted on websites but they never list the payrate. If you are currently a LPN and could share what your hourly wage/benefits and type of setting you work in I would really appreciate... Read More

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    Almost 8 years ago when I was an LPN made 17/hr straight after boards. However, almost all hospitals in WI have done away with LPN's, unless you have worked there for 20 years. Mostly just nursing homes hire now, or you can work at a hospital as a tech college.

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    I am a new grad, graduated in Dec 11 and passed boards Mar 2012. COuldn't apply for jobs right away because I was pregnant. Just applied and got hired on at a SNF. They are offering me $18.50 starting with no experience, and working every other wkends at $19.50. I'm so grateful to get this opportunity to begin my career as a LPN. I had 1 interview in the summer for the State of WI and the starting pay was only $17.69 hourly, no diff.

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