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  1. 0 hello all! well, since all of this low census stuff, i am looking for another 2nd job to add on to myself. i have checked out careerbuilder; jobnet and that, but not much. do you guys/gals have any ideas of where to look or any ideas of what else i could try? i am in central wi.

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    What geographic area are you looking for?
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    i live in rapids. willing to do some driving as long as i am home at night and am doing something enjoyable.
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    Sorry I'm not going to be much help then. I moved out of the Valley back in January because I couldn't find a job at all. My only advice is to check each hospitals website because they usually post openings there.

    Thedacare is www.thedacare.org Neenah & Appleton
    Affinity is www.affinity.org Appleton - there is also a link to Ministry here which has facilities in Stevens Point and Marshfield.

    You may also want to check Divine Savior in Portage which is www.dshealthcare.com

    Good Luck

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