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Has anyone worked for United health systems? Either St. Catherine's or Kenosha Medical Center in their Emergency Department? My husband and I are both new grads, he has an interview next week with... Read More

  1. by   bluewolf9193
    first off - congratulations! on passing the nclex!
    secondly - so sorry to hear about your husband's day at the circus! that is just rude! what a waste of time is right!

    where else have you/has he applied? somewhere i've got the name of the gal that runs the hospice (oh, i can't remember the name) for kenosha and racine counties - she said they hire new grads. if you're interested i'll dig around for her name.
  2. by   clcstudent22307
    Nursing chick - did you and/or your husband ever start at uhs??
  3. by   Nursing_chick
    Long story short, the pay uhs was offering was extremely on the very low end of the pay scale, plus all they could offer me was a part-time position. I didn't think it was worth the hour drive (not very cost effective) for the low pay or the low hours. My husband was offered a job, but he was able to get something closer to home & better pay. I finally found a job at Advocate Condell Medical center that fits my needs much better.

    clcstudent22307 ... did you just graduate this May?
  4. by   clcstudent22307
    I did just graduate and I'm looking for part-time only evenings. I have a 2nd interview tomorrow for the Kenosha campus. It's a 30 min. drive from where I live. There's not alot of traffic on the country roads either. With the shift differential the pay isn't bad. If you don't mind my asking what is the pay for new grads at Condell? Shift differentials??? I'm pretty excited to start!
  5. by   Nursing_chick
    Condell pays their new grads 25.26, weekends $2 (they just upped there new grad pay) ... I forgot what the night diff is, I work days.
  6. by   whatshername
    UHS is currently offering a 'no benefit option' which increases the base salary by 25%. So if your health/dental insurance is covered by your spouse and you don't need benefits, it's a really great bonus. New grads are offered $21.50. (adding 5.38 w/ no benefit option). Night differentials are $3.00, too.
  7. by   HollyHobby
    I work at St. Cat's and I love it, love it, love it!