Job offer at Froedtert in Trauma/Acute care as an ADN!!!!!!

  1. Hi, so I just thought I'd let those wondering about the job market, etc. that things may be looking up! I am a Dec 10' graduate from a Gateway Tech and just completed my second follow-up interview with Froedtert and was offered a job on the spot! Granted, it took about two months to hear back (I applied in December) but I think this is a good sign. The bad news: I work as a new graduate nurse in a ER already :/....any suggestions how I can let them know that I am going to be moving to milwaukee without upsetting them or giving them the 'finger'. so to speak???
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  3. by   luv2b_a_nurs
    Congratulations! I graduated in Dec from Gateway too. Were you at the Kenosha or Burlington campus? Did you find the job on their website? Did you have any previous experience?
  4. by   CochranT
    Congratulations! It is exciting to hear these things. Hopefully you are correct and the job market is looking up!
  5. by   indreams84
    @ luv2b_a_nurs, I was a Kenosha graduate with experience in a critical care unit as a SNI. I was told that this is a reason I was considered over other 4 year nursing grads.
  6. by   Terry, RN, EMT
    Congratulations on your new job. You'll learn a lot at Froederdt working in that area! I'm not sure what you mean by, " any suggestions how I can let them know that I am going to be moving to milwaukee without upsetting them or giving them the 'finger'. so to speak???". I would just give them written notice, thanking them for the opportunity that they gave you. Tell them that you are moving to Milwaukee, so will be resigning your position in the ER, and that you are very grateful for the time you spent there and everything that you learned. I'm sure they'll understand, nurses come and go in all areas and your doing what's best for you. Take it from an old seasoned nurse, they'll be alright with it. It doesn't mean they'll be happy with it, but that's life.

    Good luck!
  7. by   badgerbabe287'd they end up taking it???
  8. by   dreamallnurses

    i am thinking of attending Gateway in the student handbook...but i need to make sure i am understainding it right

    "students are allowed to repeat any nursing course one time..........."

    "any students who attempts a single ADN course twice and receive a "W" or "F" will be removed from the ADN program..."

    does that mean you can fail more than two classes????

    for example

    sem 1 ----------failed 101 then re take it successfully...............check

    sem 2 -------------failed 105 then re take it successfully-------------check

    sem 3--------------failed 112 -then re take it successfully----------check

    SO as long u do not fail the same single course twice you are ok????

    I know in MATC if you fail ANY two nursing course during your ADN program you have to re appeal your case....third strike ---you are out!!!!

    can someone help me

  9. by   happyclinicRN
    I graduated from GTC last may. I think you have it right. I thankfully never had to repeat a class but know many who did.
  10. by   happyclinicRN
    I bet I had classes with most of you! Hope you all are doing well. -Amamda