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i am strongly considering applying to herzing university in brookfield wisconsin. i was wondering if anyone has any opinion on their program. the school seems to have a great curriculum, but they have yet to have a graduationg... Read More

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    So whats the update? Do you like Bryant and Stratton's program? Im considering it strongly and would like your opinion! Thanks!!

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    To all may it concern,

    I am a recent grad of herzing brookfield (nursing). Honestly those advisors that u meet on campus the first day are well trainned spokes person. The program is a mess; high instructor turnover rate; poor faculty management; and so much more BS! Yes, they did get accredited but the school is now on probation. One thing I liked there was my cohort and that it. Don't waste your time applying. staff members disappear all of a sudden and that leaves students hanging, with no where to turn to. I wish I Could have started else where.
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