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hello everyone, i am new to this forum and would like to know if there are any past (or current) gateway tech student that can give me insight on how the nursing program is. i would like to know what the instuctors are like (were... Read More

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    are you in the nursing program???? yet???

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    i am thinking of attending Gateway in the student handbook...but i need to make sure i am understainding it right

    "students are allowed to repeat any nursing course one time..........."

    "any students who attempts a single ADN course twice and receive a "W" or "F" will be removed from the ADN program..."

    does that mean you can fail more than two classes????

    for example

    sem 1 ----------failed 101 then re take it successfully...............check

    sem 2 -------------failed 105 then re take it successfully-------------check

    sem 3--------------failed 112 -then re take it successfully----------check

    SO as long u do not fail the same single course twice you are ok????

    I know in MATC if you fail ANY two nursing course during your ADN program you have to re appeal your case....third strike ---you are out!!!!

    can someone help me

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    Hello. I would be applying for GTC (Kenosha) LPN to RN Bridge Program, but I live in Illinois. I was told that I will have to be considered out of state for screening purposes, but in-state (WI) for tuition rates since GTC has chargeback/joint agrement with the College of Lake County in Illinois where I am in-district but since CLC does not have the Bridge, being currently an LPN in Illinois and Wisconsin, I can apply at GTC.

    I would like to find out, is there really a lot of nursing students applying for the Bridge? Does anybody know anyone who's out of state accepted? I spoke with Nsg Counselor at the Kenosha Campus, been told have had out of state resident accepted in the past. I would be starting to take 510-803 and 510-804 classes this fall, as they are both required for for the advance standing.

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