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  1. I have an appointment next week, they dont have a lot on their web page as far as nursing entrance exams, what the schedule is like and how many people are accepted into the program. Any info. would be appreciated. Did you attend? What did you think of it? I am also going to apply at Cardinal Stritich and Im just exploring what options I have. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Bree124
    I would personally not attend Bryant and Stratton. I looked into it as an option, but found out from outside sources that their NCLEX pass rate is barely over 50% - although the people who run the program won't pass that info along. They will most likely lose their (local, not even national!) accreditation because of their dismal pass rate. You don't want that to happen once you're a year into the program!

    Stritch has a much better program. Their pass rate still isn't great (I believe it's in the 70s), but it's much better than B&S and they are a reputable school.
  4. by   intuition
    [quote=Bree124;3388833]I would personally not attend Bryant and Stratton. I looked into it as an option, but found out from outside sources that their NCLEX pass rate is barely over 50% - although the people who run the program won't pass that info along. They will most likely lose their (local, not even national!) accreditation because of their dismal pass rate. You don't want that to happen once you're a year into the program!

    This information is completely false. The pass rate the last couple of semesters at Bryant and Stratton were between 96-98%. We just had the accreditation board come through and they are recommending that we become nationally accredited. I am in my 4th semester at the school and will be graduating in August. I wish people would find out more information before they put out the rumored statistics. I don't know the exact time frames for the entrance exams, but they do offer a few different opportunities, before the start of the next semester.
  5. by   Bree124
    Hi Intuition -

    My post was not based on "rumored statistics." I have a document from the state of WI with NCLEX pass rates of every college/university in Wisconsin for years 2005-2007.

    While you claim that the pass rate now is 96-98%, Bryant and Stratton's pass rate in 2007 was just 50.5%. The combined pass rate for 2005-2007 was 58%, which means that the pass rate was actually decreasing with time - not getting better, as one might expect from a new program.

    Since I was making my decision in spring 2008, I felt that it would be very unwise to spend so much money and time on a program with the worst pass rate in the state, and no national accreditation. I also heard from several B&S students that they had lost a few clinical sites due to the poor regard for the B&S program, and that they were concerned about losing their regional accreditation (although I will admit this part is "rumor," as I heard it from students, not the clinical sites or accreditation agency themselves).

    I wasn't willing to take that gamble. And since no one at B&S would answer my questions about their accreditation and NCLEX rates, I felt that there was something they were trying to hide from incoming students - not very cool, in my opinion.

    I am glad that the program has improved over the past year. It's a new program, and maybe they just needed to work out some kinks. However, please do not assume that my posts are ill-informed or "completely false." I have data on paper to back up the NCLEX pass rate; it's not based on rumor or conjecture.
  6. by   intuition
    Bree, I apologize if I came off a little to harsh. Being a student at Bryant and Stratton can be difficult, due to trying to stop all the rumors that fly through. Yes, the school does have some problems, but they have improved most of those problems in the last year or so. Every school has it's issues, some more than others. I shouldn't have come off that harsh, I am sorry.
  7. by   Bree124
    Hi Intuition - no need to apologize, I am not upset! I know that nursing school is enough work without having to worry about the reputation of your program, or how it is perceived by others. I am sorry if it seemed as though I was trying to bad mouth B&S, as that was not my intention at all.

    I was sincere when I said I'm glad to hear that the program is improving. Good luck with the rest of your schooling!
  8. by   pinklasol
    I am a former B&S Student. I went there for Medical Assisting and then returned for my ADN. I had good experiences with the school.
    Although early in the program the NCLEX pass rates were not good, it was a new program and there was kinks.I believe they have a new director of the nursing program and they have really stepped it up. I think the student scores must be significantly higher to pass the TEAS and the ATI's each semester.

    I feel they prepared us well or the NCLEX but when you are in an accelerated program it is up to you to keep up with the material.

    There were a few instructors that they could have done without, but for the most part I always felt the instructors were helpful and sincere in seeing the students succeed.
  9. by   mom2jjlz
    I too am pursuing BSC's 20 month full-time nursing program in Sept. Any additional information that you may have,I would greatly appreciate. Do you go full time? How's the teachers? Commute? Once again thanks for your info!
  10. by   mom2jjlz
    Hi Pinklasol,
    Has attending BSC helped you in employment? I am at the first stages and am scheduled to take the Accuplacer at BSC and was wondering if you have any suggestions for that? My admissions "gal" is a bit relucttant to answer some of my accreditation questions and pass rate questions, but l am peristant. I am new to the area and this is all so overwhelming, that all it was a true blessing I found this site and Wis nurses on it to boot! Thanks again.
  11. by   intuition
    I am currently in my last semester of nursing in B&S. I did the full-time route. It was very hard, but I also have kids and work part-time. Overall, the teachers are wonderful. There were/are a couple that weren't good, but the school dealt with the certain individuals. I do commute to school everyday. It wasn't bad, it depends on where u r coming from. As for the accreditation, my recommendation is that u call in August and you will have your answer , probably the one you are looking for.
    Just keep up with your studies and make school your #1 priority.
  12. by   nkslats79
    Hi MOM2,

    I am starting nursing school at B&S in September too! I have had really good experiences with my advisor, and with the financial aid department. I was prepared well for the TEAS test, and hopefully will be able to do well in school.

    Currently, I am working fulltime as a CNA. have three young children and my husband is in school fulltime. Hopefully I am able to get thru this program without any problems, but you never know. I did hear from 3 of their graduates from December's class that B&S does prepare you well for the NCLEX bc their tests are very hard. I also chose this school because it is an acclerated program, and they guaranteee you a spot for clinicals as opposed to Gateway who told me it would be a 1-3 year waiting list.

    From everything I've read, it seems like the school has gotten a better reputation and they are in the process of becoming nationally accrediated.

    I'll see you in Septemeber!
  13. by   pinklasol
    I am B&S Alumni and I had a good experience with the school. I went there and graduated as an MA and then went back for my nursing degree, at the time I graduated MA B&S had a great reputation, I was told by several sources that employers looked for B&S MA's because they were so well prepared, I hate that the reputation hasn't been so good lately, this is a fairly new program and had kinks to work out, but it sounds as though they are well on their way.
    As far as the instructors - I don't remember any that did not still work in the medical field (mostly nurses, but there was atleast 1 doctor that I remember) As any school there were good instructors and a few bad apples,but they if students express problems or the surveys are bad at the end of the semester, they took care of it. I cannot comment on the commute since I live pretty close and did not travel the expressway, but parking is plenty and free.

    I am also a mother of 2 and worked full time until the 4th semester. But as long as you are ready to give 100% and dedicate lots of study time you will do fine.

    Good luck to you all and congrats to you that are about to graduate.

  14. by   PNCC2001
    Hi everybody,

    I am also planning to attend Bryant and Stratton RN program in September. I am taking my TEAS next week. Where is everybody else in the process. Anybody know what type of math is on the TEAS?