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I am a graduate nurse, and will be taking the NCLEX-RN January 20th. I am currently working as a home health nurse making really good money. But the thing is, is there is no insurance. I am interested in working part time... Read More

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    good for you ...Hope you get it!

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    Any luck on the job? I would not discount aurora. I have been happily employed there for over 2 years. Of course I am sure just like anywhere if you have a floor/dept with bad mgmt it wil be hell. Just try to choose wisely. And remember you are able to transfer in 6 mo if it is really awful. Like the other poster said one can not afford to be choosey in this economy. Just get your foot in the door anywhere!
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    FMLH benifits are NOT great... they are ok.. but definitly not the best around town.

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