Anyone considering this program? I have a question...

  1. Hello, all. I have considered WI's program for some time - I live in Georgia. I am not close to a school that offers the accelerated BSN. I have been in contact with the director there for awhile, expressing my interest and working VERY HARD over the last 6 months to meet prerequisites, and I have asked her about courses I am considering taking as to whether or not they will be acceptable.

    Long story here.....but she emails me today and says: Oh.....the chemistry course you are taking will not work. You need Chem I and Chem II. I think I am going to get sick. I am taking Fundamentals of Chemistry right now - it covers general, organic, and biochemistry quite extensively actually. When I compare the syllabus to Chem I, I really do not see much, if any, difference. So, I was going to take another chemistry course as a "followup" to my general chemistry. This is something I was told would be fine, as long as the first course is college level and the second course is like a "followup." Naturally any courses names I and II would be back-to-back I guess. I am very concerned now. I'm not even sure I want to mess with WI anymore. I have had to change my "admission" date three times now because I wanted to be sure I had met prerequisites....and that those are all completed....which now takes me to the May 2013 cohort.

    If I had to take TWO MORE chemistry courses on top of the one I am taking, then that means I I would have to go to the Fall 2013 cohort - the third or fourth time I would have to "wait." I just cannot and will not take TWO MORE chemistry courses on top of what I am already taking. That is crazy. Now I'm not sure what to do. I gave up my mental health practice to attend school full-time for these prerequisites so I could get them completed "timely," completed a CNA program, and just made some major life changes for this program. Now, I feel very defeated.

    Thanks for listening......I would give anything to find another "distance learning" accelerated BSN but there just are not any more that I can find.
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  3. by   tracytm
    Hi PD888,

    If someone "official" at Oshkosh's Nursing program gave you the advice that your courses would be acceptable substitutes for General Chem I & II, I would not go without a good fight. I know the curriculum and syllabus are important indicators of whether or not a class is a suitable replacement for another class. Find out if your professor teaching the chemistry classes you are taking would be willing to vouch for whether or not the material taught covers the same material contained in Gen. Chem I & II and is willing to put it in writing. Definitely call Oshkosh and find out if there is another way to fulfill the requirements needed of an applicant and do remind them that you are taking the chemistry classes you are because you were advised by Oshkosh that this would be an acceptable strategy for gaining the chemistry credits needed.

    I would also find out if CLEP credits would be acceptable. You can take a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test to showcase your knowledge and give you full credits for a full year of college level Chemistry.

    Best of luck to you!!!
  4. by   HealthKibitz
    Hi Tracy. Thanks for responding! I have made the decision to go with the LPN program here locally "first" and get that done within the next year or so - I will then complete the LPN to BSN somewhere else. The cost difference is just phenomenal as well so I think this was a smart move for me. I completed the Chemistry course and made a B so I was very happy with that, but I found it very, very hard. I do not really plan to take another chemistry course and the BSN program I am looking at does NOT require any more chemistry (once I have the LPN). Thanks!