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I got accepted in to the Nursing program for the Spring 2013 start for core courses. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting with me? I will be attending the West Bend... Read More

  1. by   Manders0624
    Since next semester will be my second semester I am not sure as to the total yet. I think 1-2 people. However second semester is the make it or break it. I have heard that second semester is when most will fail out if you are going too.
  2. by   Manders0624
    Who is ready for the semester to start?

    I am! (Almost) I need to finish up some reading for the first day. Print my drug cards for clinicals and then study for my math test the first day in clinicals. But I am ready for this!
  3. by   aps232
    I am also almost done with all my readings. Just trying to spend some quality time with the kiddos before I start.
  4. by   saraschneider
    I have most of my reading done....Now onto the assignment sent by our NF instructor. I could use an extra week off...The summer FLEW by!
  5. by   Manders0624
    Just checking to see how the first week is going! I got a pleasant surprise on Friday. I was recommended by first semester faculty to be a tutor for all first semester class. Unfortunately I decided not to take the position as I did not want to have to regularly commit to it. As I am just not sure with kids and second semester how it would work.

    However If you two have any questions, need clarification on something, study tips ect please feel free to text, call or email me!
  6. by   clearblue3
    How fun to find other MPTC students on here! I am in my 4th semester on the Beaver Dam campus :-) I just started my last clinical today....almost there! Good luck to all of you!! :-)
  7. by   Manders0624
    Thank you! Good Luck to you as well!
  8. by   saraschneider
    Mandy, Thank you so much. I will take you up on it!!! The first week wasn't as intense as I thought it would be. The only thing I find difficult is that one of my instructors is a little unclear on how to exactly do things...I'm sure I'll work through it!
  9. by   aps232
    I am feeling the stress of school, work, life, kids, and keeping a balance! A couple more weeks and then it is off to clinicals!
  10. by   Manders0624
    I hate to tell you this, but it doesn't get easier. Second semester is proving to be a new level of stress. I don't work but have two kids under 3 and some day I have no idea what way is up. Best advice is to try and find a balance.
  11. by   saraschneider
    So excited for clinical to start also. But wondering when I'm going to be able to feel in control instead of always a million things to do!
  12. by   Manders0624
    I will let you know when that happens. I still don't feel ready for clinical. We start clinical in hospital setting in two weeks.
  13. by   saraschneider
    Did you have to bring anything to your clinical? Book wise? What did you all do for your first round besides med pass??? How is second semester going for you??