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I got accepted in to the Nursing program for the Spring 2013 start for core courses. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting with me? I will be attending the West Bend... Read More

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    I attempted to send you a pm

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    I took the NLN test last Wednesday and passed! I am going to petition in this open window this week, and I am praying for a spot this fall!!
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    From my understanding they are low on students for fall semester start as of right now. So good luck!
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    I heard that they have three openings in Beaver Dam, that is where I am hoping to get into.... I hand in the packet on Thursday this week. I have to take Ethics this summer, then I will be done with all my pre core work.
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    I am not sure on specific campus numbers but my nursing instructors this semester said overall the numbers where low.
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    Congrats on passing the NLN! I looked online and it looks like there might be as many as 12 open slots for Beaver Dam Campus, 16 for Fond du lac and 4 for West Bend. Good Luck to you! I hope they don't make you wait as long as they made us wait. It felt like forever!!
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    I got a call today!! I am in!! Got a BD spot
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    Congrats!! Two girls in my Micro class got calls today too. One got BD and the other FDL.
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    Did they get the campuses that they wanted?

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