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I got accepted in to the Nursing program for the Spring 2013 start for core courses. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting with me? I will be attending the West Bend... Read More

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    Oops I sent in my packet last week.....not next week.

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    Also...Do you need all white shoes for clinicals?
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    Unfortunately it took almost exactly 45 days. Like I got the response on day 44.
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    Yes. They have to be white. I have a pair of white new balance shoes that was recommend to me by a fellow student who works as a tech in a hospital.
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    Thank you so much, it's nice to havw someone to ask questions to who has been though it. It's so stressfull to have so much unknown. Did you get in the first time you petitioned?
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    Yes. I only had to petition once. I was also told that with my high NLN score and grades I would have no problem getting in. It is just a matter of waiting. Feel free to ask any questions. It is encouraged that you connect with someone in a higher class to ask questions etc.
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    Thanks for all your insight. I'm sure I'll be asking many questions as time goes on....I just wish it didn't take so long to get an answer....
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    Agreed. I start clinicals next Monday and still have not heard anything about what we are doing for that. The only thing I know is I have a msth test the first day that has to be passed with 90% in order to do clinicals.
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    I did hear that they were making students take math tests before they can do clinicals. Is it each day or just the first day? Good Luck!!!
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    You take one I n skills. Then you take a test for each clinical on the first day. I guess from what we were told get progressively harder each time.

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