Advice for WI Nursing Programs!

  1. Hi! I am currently completing my CNA class and was going to be attending Gateway Technical College for my ADN (I already hold a Bachelors Degree from UW Oshkosh). I am learning slowly that their program is not really time friendly as far as having to petition, petitions only taking place at certain times of the year, etc. and am looking for suggestions for other programs that will get me going and get my to an RN asap. I am aware of the accelerated program that UWO offers, but I hear that it is very difficult to get accepted. I live in the Kenosha area and would consider anything in the surrounding areas (Milwaukee etc.). Has anyone had a similar situation and which would you recommend? Also would be interested in hearing tips on how to get accepted to the program at UWO. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   soxgirl2008
    Most of the technical colleges you will find have a waitlist/petition process. I know Waukesha Tech and MATC are the same as Gateway. I know Cardinal Stritch and Bryant and Stratton up in Milwaukee both have ADN programs and I don't think there's a waitlist but I could be wrong, but I know they are both pretty expensive. I don't know much about UWO.

    Overall, most of the schools will either have waiting lists or are pretty expensive. There are quite a few BSN programs in the Milwaukee/Kenosha area, but they're either expensive or pretty hard to get into and a BSN would take longer than an ADN
  4. by   sas818
    If you are already taking your CNA class, I'd recommend getting a job as a CNA to improve your chances of getting in to UWO (although it's not necessary-I didn't have CNA experience and I got in). That and get some great letters of recommendation. If your GPA is good and you have CNA experience, your chances are good of getting in. It's a great only advice in this economy is to get your BSN. Good luck!
  5. by   Tait
    I wait-listed at MATC for 1.5 years and got a top-notch education at a very reasonable price. I have no idea about other programs unfortunately.

    Best of luck!

  6. by   Pia Mater
    You can try Bellingham college in Green Bay, it is further away and expensive but if you have all your pre reqs done you can get out of there with a BSN in 15 MONTHS or so. Good luck!
  7. by   Pia Mater
    I am sorry I mean Bellin college. I am posting from my phone.
  8. by   tri-rn
    I think UW-Milwaukee has an accelerated BSN program for those with a BS in another field.
  9. by   BeckyL.
    Thank you everyone! Great advice!
  10. by   AlteMed
    Becky! Stay away from Gateway Technical College. I am in there 3rd semester. Most teachers are horrible! They don't teach but read powerpoints, the ones that you can print at home and read for yourself. I pay for my classes and waste time at school learning everything by myself at home. They weed out students like crazy and boast high % on NCLEX pass. Arrogant, never give you a credit for proving them wrong-they are always right! They also have master's degree's and when write make unforgivable spelling mistakes. I know so many students who failed classes and have NO desire to continue nursing in that school, at least until the teachers get replaced. Teachers there need to be reeducated (nursing instructors). I have a class where you have to read 3 diferent books, + powerpoint and take lecture notes, you come to the test or exam and you know MOST of these questions are not from the material you read! That's why so many students fail. If you go to the dean as many did (a whole class did I was told by a friend), he would just listen to you and do NOTHING! That's how horrible nursing program at GTC is! Teachers protect each other, and blame students for working too much, having a big family, spending not enough time studying, etc for failures. There are several ridiculous rules/education strategies they employ not worth mentioning here. Some of them treat you as a kid or inferior to them just becuase they have master's degree and spell wrong, and don't explain the rationale behind abdominal cramping or nausea or why you should be checking for lung sounds when infusing NCl 3% etc. They just don't know how to teach! It's a self-taught nursing program with high flunking rates and no support whatsoever! Some teachers lift you up and prod and push you forward and offer help without asking, and explain, and draw diagrams, boost you self-esteem level during class and boast you==that's how you get your strength and get encouraged to study harder and know more! At Gateway Technical College -- there is no such thing! Stay far away!
  11. by   rrlpn
    yes stay away from gateway technical college i had the worst experience there