Would Western Government be a good fit for me? Pre-Licensure RN Program

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    I have been at my CC for 2 years now. I will be taking A&P I and Fund of Chem fall 13.
    Its has been so hard trying to get all my Pre-Reqs at my Community College. I feel like giving up at times. I am still going to try and get all my pre-reqs done and transfer out as soon as possible. I was looking into WGU and it seems like a legit nursing school. I am a single mom who recently gave birth to a Premature Baby Boy. He has been in the NICU for quite some time. I am having a heck of a time with classes. I dont want to give up.

    My question is should I try WGU Pre-Licensure Program? Should I take my Pre-Reqs first then give them a call?
    I have no healthcare experience. Would that be a problem?

    How should I go about my classes if I want to go to this school?

    I am really interested in this school just need some more info on it. I plan on giving them a call soon.Just thought I'd ask here first

    Thanks for any helpful comment.

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    First, what state do you live in? The prelicensure program is only available in a handful of states.
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    I live in California
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    The best thing for you to do is contact an enrollment counselor. They can answer all your questions. It's a strong, reputable program. I would not take too many prereqs elsewhere, because chances are you may have to repeat some of them.

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