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WGU transcript evaluation appeal

  1. 0 I am supposed to be starting the RN-BSN program on June 1st but when they evaluated my transcripts they told me that my H&P classes and my microbiology classes were not transferrable because they could not see a lab component on the transcript. The thing is that my community college did not separate the credits on my transcript, and instead just gave a 4 credit hour for it, when it should actually be 3 for the lecture and 1 credit for the lab. Anyhow I contacted the school and they could only provide my with the class schedule I took showing that I was enrolled in the lab and that the class has a lab requirement that must be met, but they were not able to provide me with any syllabi for the classes. Do you thing this will be enough prove to them that the classes included the lab? Any one with a similar experience? I am very discourage now, if they don't take those classes it mean I would have to take 10 pre reqs :***: there is no way I will do that!!! Thank you for reading, any advise or info will be greatly appreciated.
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    Do you still have the instructor contact information? You should be able to get the syllabi for the class to include the lab components. If no, all you can do is try and submit what you have.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Hi NurseMorse, Unfortunately don't have the instructors info anymore, this are classes I took 4-5 years ago. I went ahead and submitted what I have, I just hoping is enough. I also provided them with the college director phone number for them to verified information.
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    Anyone going or has gone through a transcript appeal with WGU?
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    Try to get a catalogue for that school year. It should describe what was taught in your class including the lab component. I'm pretty sure that I remember some schools in the past telling me that is one way they evaluate classes on transcripts.
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    I'm appealing something different, but they did give me credit for an anatomy class from 1984 (!!) when my old college was nice enough to send me a pdf of the course description and of the lab hours required.

    MY appeal is of a CLEP score that's over 20 years old - apparently CLEP doesn't keep the scores past 20 years!
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    Both my husband and I tried to appeal, no luck!
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    Today I found out they approved my appeal!!! I still have to take 5 prerequisites classes but all my A&P and Micro were accepted.
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    None of my appeals went through, but I am still starting on June 1 anyways. Already working on my first two classes.
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    I feel your pain! I had a transcript eval done in December 2012 and my micro was accepted and then they had to do the 2013 transcript eval and my micro wasn't accepted! I am fighting mine as well but not sure if I will win or not Very frustrating! I wish someone would have told me about the change BEFORE it happened so I could have enrolled ASAP!
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    OH BTW: anyone wanting to keep in touch through our WGU experience? I always do better when I have a buddy, even long distance! I start June 1st for RN to MSN.
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    my email is tsbarbre@yahoo.com
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    My transcript eval did not give me credit for General A & P and the lab. My school did not give us separate grades for the class & Lab. The classes were 4 credits each. How do I go about appealing? Is there a specific form that I fill out? I sent a message to my enrollment counselor. I included a link to the course descriptions from the school website. I also am waiting for an email from my A & P instructor to see if she can email me the copy of the syllabi from both A & P classes. Thanks for your help!