WGU Pre-licensure in Indiana

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    Hello Everyone. I am currently attending Marian University Nursing program and running out of financial aid. I am looking into WGU as its inexpensive and I'm able to afford the tuition. I've completed all prereqs and just wondering if anyone has good info on WGU in Indiana?? Any adviec is appreciated

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    Moved to Western Governors University forum for more of a response.
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    What would you like to know? I am in the third cohort, but if you have all the prereqs done you could probably get in on the next cohort. I am not sure what type of info you are looking for, but I can do my best to answer questions that I known the answers to.
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    I am in the first cohort and can't say enough good things about WGU. Go for it!
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    I would just like to know if they have good resources for financial aid? Do the instructors and the program itself seem competent? Its the first program of its kind so I just wanted any info you could offer. Was it difficult to get accepted? Do you have a previous degree? I don't have a previous degree but I've completed all the prereqs w good grades. How long does it take to complete the program, I've heard 2 and 2.5 years?? Last but not least I would like to thank yuo for any advice and opinions you have.
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    Thanks, did you feel it was difficult to be admitted and what hospitals are you doing clinicals in? Also do most of your classmates have a previous degree??
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    Quote from futurenrse823
    Thanks, did you feel it was difficult to be admitted and what hospitals are you doing clinicals in? Also do most of your classmates have a previous degree??
    Getting admitted was easy peasy at this point. The word doesn't seem to be out about this program in Indiana yet so there wasn't a lot of competition. Not sure if and when that will change. My hospital will be Wishard and yes, most of my classmates do have previous degrees. I do not though. I'm the only one in my class without a degree, but I have a ton of classes I've taken. I really like this program. It's been a really good experience thus far for me.
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    Okay great.I'm excited!! have you been able to work and keep up with things? I was also wondering when you're expected to graduate?
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    The program is very intensive, and the clinical hours continue to increase with each rotation. I know at least two of the six gals in my co-hort maintain employment..although to the best of my knowledge they have made arrangements for a leave of absence towards the end of our two year curriculum.
    I hold a degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette so I can say with confidence that comparing WGU to a brick and mortar school is like comparing apples to oranges....so don't even try!
    In my opinion, WGU and the Pre-Licensure program is progressive, innovative, current, and absolutely geared towards fostering competence and leadership in their nursing students.
    I have never, not once had an issue with Financial Aid.
    This program is CCNE accredited, and I love, love, love it. Seriously. Check it out! Give 'em a call, and you'll have a better idea as to whether or not the school will be a good fit for you, what classes transfer, etc.
    My last thought? During rotations, you work 1:1 with a staff nurse during their scheduled shift! (For me the first few rotations are at the VA Hospital in Indy.)
    I cannot say enough about the value of this experience.
    So...there ya go. Sounds like you've got two people already in the program telling you to explore WGU a little further!
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    I want to clarify...the clinical hours don't increase with every rotation. After a quick glance at my calendar...they remain roughly the same until the second year.
    (don't want to give any misinformation!)

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