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Hello everyone, I am applying to the pre licensure program at WGU, I have everything done already, and I will have my interview with Joe the Prelicensure Team lead on Friday, I am very excited to... Read More

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    Greetings everybody,

    Anyone get into October cohort yet? I'm still waiting to hear from my advisor...
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    Quote from dvince87
    has anyone heard anything about oct 1 cohort? my enrollment counselor is out on leave for a few weeks, so i feel so disconnected right now. the wait is really getting painful :-/
    I feel your pain... Still waiting myself.....
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    I GOT IN!!! ANYONE ELSE?!?! LETS MAKE FRIENDS! we will be stuck together for 2 1/2 years!
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    Congratulations!!! How long ago did you apply? Just curious :-)

    I am still pending Microbiology, but everything else is in.
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    Well I've been in contact with them for about 2 years now, one of my fellow CNA classmates was applying and got in, but I had to finish all my science pre-reqs first. I applied in like April/may hoping to get into July but I missed it by like a week bc I finished micro but couldn't get them my grade fast enough lol. So once they got that in they put me in the pool for the Pasadena cohort
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    That's terrific! That darn micro. LOL! I am in the same boat.

    Do you work at one of the partner hospitals as a CNA? I heard the Pasadena hospital is a great clinical site
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    congrats to everyone who got in ...I was just wondering what your science GPA was and TEAS score....?
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    Hello, I am currently attending WGU under a different program. I am interested in the Los angeles pre licensure program
    Do you have to work in healthcare to get in? i see they want a letter from current healthcare employer as a prereq
    can i take the prereq science classes at wgu before acceptance into prenursing program? such as microbiology anatomy and physiology
    THANKS! i WOULD appreciate any input you all have. L
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    Hello everyone me and my classmates have 1 1/2 yrs to go i hope we all make it. In regards to clinical sites, we go to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena and we work with great coaches we're so lucky! Everyone there were all very nice and helpful. They schedulled our group for 5-days orientation, we got our id access with a student badge and we're good to go. So far WGU has been good eventhough we need to order pricey uniforms from Dove Apparel and somewhat pricey lab kits for practicing skills at home, we don't regret enrolling into their pre-licensure program. Some students from San Diego doesn't mind driving to Los Angeles for labs and clinicals.
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    I am applying for the next cohort for the pre-licensure program in L.A... I am a working LPN with a 3.9 science GPA, bad part is I scored low on the TEAS 75% adjusted individual score.... Would love some feedback... do I have a chance of getting in?
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    Quote from lvnrnmd2be
    I am applying for the next cohort for the pre-licensure program in L.A... I am a working LPN with a 3.9 science GPA, bad part is I scored low on the TEAS 75% adjusted individual score.... Would love some feedback… do I have a chance of getting in?
    oh yes you have a huge chance of getting in the program. I think the TEAS requirement for WGU is only 65% or 67% i forgot already. WGU will also let you take an admissions kind of test composed of Science, Math and some essays. Good luck!
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    Congrats to those of you who got accepted into the program! I was wondering, for those of you who are currently working on the program how does your weekly/monthly schedule look like? I will probably be in next years cohort and wanted some insight on how I should schedule my work/family schedule so that I can start making plans on what to expect. Thanks in advance! Cheers!!!!