WGU-no longer accepting unemployed RNs for the RN to BSN program

  1. Today I received a phone call that I will no longer be considered for the RN to BSN program due to CNO's decision to only accept RNs with experience. I already filled out the application and successfully passed the test before this rule was implemented. Did anyone else receive a similar phone call from WGU? I am a little disappointment because I needed to be enrolled in a program in order to be considered for the new graduate program at a local hospital.
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  3. by   jujubeee
    Yeah, I was moving from one state to another and they told me that I couldn't be in the program unless I secured a job in the new state I'll be moving in. Luckily, I got a job as soon as I got here. Try applying to other hospitals and cross your fingers. Good luck!!!
  4. by   cayenne06
    I did WGU's RN-BSN early last year, and they had the same rule then.