1. [FONT=comic sans ms]I'm extremely interested in doing the RN-BSN program at WGU. But I have a couple of questions I hope someone will take the time to answer....

    1. Is this program for experienced RNs or for brand new grads? I just graduated with an associate of science degree in Nursing and apparently can't get hired without a BSN, would this program rely on skills learned as an experienced RN??

    2. Has anyone in NYC/LI done this program and successfully gotten employed shortly after? I'm planning to take this so I can get a job in NYC/LI but if it won't help then what's the point, right??
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  3. by   GotoGirl0319
    I completed the WGU RN-BSN program as a new grad. The program is accredited and widely accetped in Indiana. I started within a month of passing NCLEX and was finished in about 10 months. So glad to have the BSN done! Good Luck
  4. by   RobinMRn
    I am going to be taking it as a new grad as well. I am in Texas but also having a hard time finding a job with my ADN. Good luck!!
  5. by   Sapphirestarr
    Thanks guys. I was getting the impression that the program was for experienced RNs. I just got my license but already have experienced firsthand how difficult it has been to get a job as an Associate degree nurse. I feel very unimpressive on paper so I want to get my BSN ASAP.
  6. by   cayenne06
    I am fairly certain you have to actually be employed as an RN to be accepted into the RN-BSN program. I passed my boards on Jan 26th, and am starting WGU in April. I remember my enrollment counselor saying something about needing to be working as a nurse, but you definitely don't need to be an experienced RN.
  7. by   Sapphirestarr
    I spoke to someone who told me that as a new grad I would just be required to write a student statement and after that I should be fine. But I'm still researching this school b/c I don't want to get this degree and then hospitals in NY look at me like "WTH is WGU??" NYS can be awfully temperamental with what is acceptable and what isn't...
  8. by   thisnurserockz
    @Sapphirestarr, did you decide on WGU ? How did you like it?