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To WGU or Not to WGU

  1. 0 I am looking for a flexible place to get my BSN. I have heard alot about WGU and so far it is about half bad and half good. I know they have not been in Texas very long but I was wanting to know if anyone here could give me any advice. I am not stellar with self-paced courses but I do OK on them. I am finishing up my Associates in Applied Science from Lone Star Community college and am finding the competition for the ADN is VERY stiff. I have classes from 20 years ago that are dragging my GPA down and I really don't want to re-take them. Does anyone know how the credits transfer to other schools like A&M or UTMB?
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    Nursing programs have different ways of computing GPAs for admission. Some may only include program pre-requisites, others may only include the last grade obtained if you have repeated a course. . . so you need to contact those programs to obtain specific information about admission to their nursing programs. FYI, the UT system has nursing programs all over the state & many are much less competitive than UTMB. You may also want to explore an interesting pre-licensure online program that is offered by TAMU-Corpus Christi. I believe it is called "e-line" It's been around a while, so it has a proven track record along with full accreditation - with the added attraction of 'normal' in-state tuition for Tx residents.

    Please don't mortgage your future with crippling debt in search of a shortcut to a nursing degree. Seriously, with the uncertainty of nursing jobs today (especially for new grads) it just doesn't make sense.