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    30+ hours a week!
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    Help!- so you went from RN-BSN-MSN in 15 months? so how long will it take me to go BSN-MSN?
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    Yes please tell me more about this program I was so skepticle-because like others have said it seems tooooo good to be true-I read a few negative reports on other sites about the work being too hard and having to redo assignments three times because they were too difficult to pass-but they were not nurses.I will be going into the BSN to MSN program. Any info you have esp. first hand knowledge will be helpful. I would rather hear from nurses.
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    I am in the RN-MSN program. I already have a BS in Biology so I only needed Stats, Nutrition, Biochem, Care of Older Adult and Health Assessment as prereqs. If you do not have a bachelor's degree in something already you will have to fulfill all the liberal studies courses that any bachelor's degree requires. I completed 33 CU's in just under 6 months. The work intensity varies. I found stats to be horrible and difficult, and I thought biochem was a blast. I am a very good writer and have not had any difficulty with papers, and there are a lot of them. Overall I like this program. You have to be self-motivated and consistent with your studies. You can't take a week off and think you will catch up. I will start my second term with WGU on Sept 1. I will answer specific questions if you send me a PM.
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    skoolrn, I have read several of your posts, would like to get more info about WGU, I plan to take this program..I'm missing a lab in mcb, do you know if I will be able to take just the lab? may you send me your email by pm?

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