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Received my invite to graduation from WGU - page 2

That's right, I am done! I passed my last class this last week, which means I completed my BSN in 3 months and 7 days, or 3 months exactly if you count the time I didn't have access to Taskstream. ... Read More

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    How did you do it in 3 months? What kind of classes transfered for u? I have my Associates in Nursing, been an RN for a few years now. I graduated from a community college. Don't wanna have to take all those crap classes over. Were they generous with transfers? I'm paying cash for my degree so I'm just waitn to make sure it's what I can do at this time and if it's a good school. Don't wanna throw that money away if the school is horrible
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    It all depends if you have an and or and versus a Aas.