Proctored exams @WGU question...

  1. Everyone's positive experience I've been reading here at all nurses got me convinced to apply to WGU, RN-BSN program!! I was wondering what people find was less nervewrecking. .. actually going to a facility to take the exam or videocam WGU provided? If you decide videocam how does that work and do they supply it? Thanks in advance! !
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  3. by   Mom of Diskids
    If you choose to go somewhere to have the proctored exam, you will get to choose from a list of approved places. I took all of mine at the public library. I didn't feel I was on display or being watched because there are so many other people around you. Basically you would pick you place, set your date, the school faxes over the codes to get to the test to the contact person at the place you choose, and they will log you into the system to take the test. Easy Peasy!
  4. by   frostybella
    Gotcha! Thank u !
  5. by   klone
    Alternatively, when you enroll in the program, they automatically send you a webcam, as that's their preferred method of doing the proctored exams (although not required). You have to do a biometrics thing before your first exam, it takes about a half an hour, where you take your picture, and it records you typing things so it familiarizes itself with your pattern of keystrokes and such. It shows you how your desk is supposed to be set up and the angle of the camera. It sounds kind of complicated but it's really not bad. I did my my exams that way. You just need to make sure that you have a quiet room with no interruptions. You schedule your exam for a certain time, then log in and there is a proctor who apparently watches you as you take your exam on your laptop or PC, and that's it.
  6. by   WanderingSagehen
    I do mine at the local college as my network is too slow to use the web cam. I had no choice. I seem to focus better for the exam if I get out of the house too. I only have 4 proctored tests out of 13 courses. I go do my 2nd one today for nursng informatics.
  7. by   klone
    Informatics? Did they change that? When I took informatics last year, there were two powerpoint presentations, and no objective exams.
  8. by   WanderingSagehen
    There are tons of powerpoints online that use up my data plan. Then there is the pre-assessment that I haven't passed. And now the objective assessment that I did not pass. Interesting stuff but somehow it has to be presented differently. Tons of vocabulary and I love the insight into legislation on health care. Its like a poli-sci/computer basics/vocabulary class with a whole new set of acronyms thrown in to make it exciting.