Febuary 1st WGU RN-BSN - page 2

Thought I'd start an official thread on who is starting Feb 1st. I'm definately in! I'm nervous, axious, excited! I have 7 pre-reqs to take :( But I hope to wiz through them with determination. Who else is OFFICIALLY... Read More

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    Mommy2be, how was your first month?

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    Any updates on an admissions or progress with any schools?
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    I don't know how I never got emails that people were responding to this thread :/ I am doing good. I finished 42 credits in 4 months....took a break over the summer for the last 2 months of my term because of all the gatherings, birthdays, etc.... Plus I wasn't sure if I would finish my practicum (90 hours) in time. So I've slacked a little bit, but I'm very close to finishing and will definitely be done by the end of October or sooner. I am then applying to Walden's FNP program
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    Good job, you are working fast!
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    Keep us posted. I do not know much about Walden's NP course

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