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  1. I have seen so many people saying they are using Clep testing for their pre req classes. I want to apply for the WGU pre licensure program and a few other programs. I am just wondering how a clep test affects someones gpa. If a school requires you to have a certain gpa how do they look at a clep? I'm thinking about going this route, but my gpa is not great right now. I don't want this to ruin my chances of getting into a nursing program by not raising my gpa. At input would be helpful! Thanks))
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  3. by   Murse901
    CLEP will not affect your GPA in any way. If you pass the CLEP with flying colors, pass the CLEP by the skin of your teeth, or fail the CLEP miserably, your GPA will see no change whatsoever. It only counts toward total credits.

    You should contact WGU to find out what they accept for CLEP/DSST before you take any exams. I'm in the WGU RN-to-BSN program and they accepted my CLEP Psychology and DSST Lifespan Development Psychology, but those were the only ones that I needed to use out of the many that I have taken.

    Good luck!
  4. by   lizmvr
    I'm hoping to apply to WGU as well and was hoping to use CLEP for many of my prereqs. Did you end up doing that, too? I too am interested in the pre-licensure program.