where in WV?DH and i had planned

  1. to move to WV way before I decided to go back to school.Beckely would be the city or VERY VERY close to there
    he wants to get back closer to his family and I love them to bits so Im fine with it
    all along ive been looking at NC nursing schools when my father in law suggested why dont i look at reqs and schools in WV?
    another member was kind enough to get me started on LPN schools in the area
    any thoughts,,input or tips to where to go?
    I dont drive so DH has to help as i dont think Beckley has public transport...so i truly do need to be in Beckley OR close by(we can live there a year or so for program duration and then leave for beckley
    any advice is welcome....even getting used to life in WV,,,lol
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  3. by   Streamline2010
    First, please use correct capitalization and punctuation and write like an adult, if you want to be considered for nursing school. I am serious. There are many displaced adult workers with college degrees who will be your competition.

    Second, I would consider learning to drive and getting your license and access to a vehicle. Nursing students and other healthcare students must do clinicals at various places, and those students must provide their own transportation. Sometimes the facilities that clinicals are done at are not very "local," so where the school sends students for clinicals is a good question to ask.

    Third, most of those nursing and health related programs will be on the WIA / WV Workforce Development training provider list. It's a good way to get a basic list of the ones with lower costs. There might be other private schools not on it. Go to https://public.workforcewv.org/JobSeeker/TrainingCourseSearch.asp?SessionUID={884FC247-401C-467A-89B1-25C9A164BB0B} and enter Nursing and zip code 25801 and search in a 50 or 30 mile radius and see what pops up. The total time required, the total cost, the wage rates of grads who found jobs, and the contact info for the school should also be available via that training provider list.

    You can also call your local Raleigh Co. One Stop and speak to the WIA / TRA training counselor and see if there are others that are being added to the list or what's being kicked off for non-performance.