What W.Virginia towns/cities do you recommend working in and why? - page 3

Hi everyone, i would like to send my message out in hopes of getting some recommendations on great places to live and work in West Virginia. I have never been and thought i would start with this... Read More

  1. by   englishrose
    I would suggest not living too close to the rivers even though property/housing may not be as expensive but when they flood it is a real mess and it is not worth having the flood insurance.
  2. by   LauraBell
    My husband and I (both RN's) have property in summers county- inbetween Beckley and Hinton. We consider moving there but the drawback is finding jobs that will pay enough. We're making 35-42$/hr in the dc suburbs. Any thoughts?
  3. by   Noryn
    The cost of living isnt nearly as high in that area as DC and as a result unless you get some type of management job I don think you will come close to 35-42 dollars an hour unless you take a prn job with no benefits. With the exception of the VA most hospitals in that area are paying in the low 20 dollar an hour range.
  4. by   gitterbug
    Can one work non-benefitted, per-diem rate and the other work regular staff? Living is cheaper and slower. Views are better too. Good luck.