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Hi everyone, i would like to send my message out in hopes of getting some recommendations on great places to live and work in West Virginia. I have never been and thought i would start with this discussion board to research good... Read More

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    Hey guys... anyone in the Charleston and Huntington areas.... Here's a question for ya.

    What's the possibility of finding a home on the rivers outside the city? One where a dock can be kept year round for a medium/large cruiser boat? Not looking for a 5000 sq ft 300k house... 1800 and 150k will be plenty... does it exist??

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    Ok, I don't live in WV, but seeing the heading for this post, I had to read it!!
    My dad's side is from WV and I always LOVED going there and visiting. We would drive from St. Louis to Charleston every summer, multiple times of course and back then it was so beautiful!!
    I went back there 2 years ago to clean out my grandfather's house for him. He had finally decided to move to Florida after living all his life in Charleston (over 70years) and just left everything in his house andsaid we could get it or he would sell as is.
    I was so surprised to see the change, and yes, the strip clubs were everywhere!! It was major culture shock!! WV is still beautiful, and if I didn't love the rural town I live in now, it would be great state to live in.
    I am going back soon even though I don't have family there anymore. My family has their own private cemetery in Mount Carbon and I am going to do some genealogy!!

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    I live in the Barboursville area. I believe it is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is about 10 minutes from Huntington but doesnt have the drug problems that alot of places in Huntington has. As far as for rmbelcher who asked about the posibility of a place that could have a boat dock there are several places along route 2 that are right on the Ohio river and most are pretty reasonably priced. I saw a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that was priced around 75,000.00. Also rent in WV is very reasonable compaired to other states you can get a nice large single family home for 700.00-800.00 a mounth. Also we have St Marys Medical Center, Cabell Huntington Hospital, and the VA Medical Center along with many nursing homes, and retirement communities. Cabell Huntington has I believe the only burn icu unit in West Virginia and also a large NICU.
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    I live in Jackson County as well. I love it here. You have the choice of working in Parkersburg or Charleston, but don't have to live in the bigger cities. I like the small town atmosphere (not the small town gossip)!
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    I live in Martinsburg WV and work at the VAMC for 23 years. If you like to care for the veterans then this is the place for you. The benefits are good, it is a small hospital but offer a good deal for the vets and we are a close knit group of folks. The area is very nice but developing fast. There is also several other hospitals in the area, City Hospital, Jefferson Memorial and then in Winchester VA there is the Winchester Memorial to the south of us and to the north is Washington Co Hospital. Check them out.
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    Space along the rivers is hard to come by but it can be done. Do you not realize there are more than one river to choose from? Ohio, Elk, New, and
    Gauley are just a few.
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    I would suggest not living too close to the rivers even though property/housing may not be as expensive but when they flood it is a real mess and it is not worth having the flood insurance.
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    My husband and I (both RN's) have property in summers county- inbetween Beckley and Hinton. We consider moving there but the drawback is finding jobs that will pay enough. We're making 35-42$/hr in the dc suburbs. Any thoughts?
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    The cost of living isnt nearly as high in that area as DC and as a result unless you get some type of management job I don think you will come close to 35-42 dollars an hour unless you take a prn job with no benefits. With the exception of the VA most hospitals in that area are paying in the low 20 dollar an hour range.
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    Can one work non-benefitted, per-diem rate and the other work regular staff? Living is cheaper and slower. Views are better too. Good luck.

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