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    :roll Hi! I am a first semester LPN student attending New River Community and Technical College school of Practical Nursing. I have just completed the first of three semesters.......Very Difficult. The major concern that I have after reading some of the West Virginia nursing salary questions is........What is the average salary for a starting LPN in my area? I have been quoted anywhere from $9 to $12 and hour. Is that about right for central WV? What about the Charleston area? I would really appreciate any info....JEN
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    I am really not sure what the salaries are for your area and mine (Charleston). The only LPN I know does home health and has 30 years experience, so she makes more than many RNs!

    I start school at Garnet on Jan 26. I am so excited!
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    Not sure what the hourly wage is for LPN is now. Do know several LPN's with many years of experience, they say hospital pay sucks. About $13.00/hr after about many years of experience. Many of the LPN's I know went to work in long term care to make more money, have more authority, and have job security. Hospitals are always talking lay-offs and LPN's are always considered first to go along with CNA's. I am sorry if I sound negative, I was proud to be an LPN, worked hard to get my diploma, and did great care compared to the RN's who made the bucks at that time.

    I wish you well in your new career, I know there is a lot to learn but you can do it. Get some experience under your belt, both in a hospital and LTC. Then decide what you like best, sometimes it is not just the money that makes the job.
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    P.S. Where is the New River Technical School? Just have never heard of it and am wondering?
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    I have a friend whwo graduated from LPN in July and is making right around $10/hr at the Hospital Here inthe mid ohio valley!

    Hope this helped

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    Glad to see that you got in! Congratulations and I am sure you will do well! Maybe one day we will be working together!

    Best Wishes:roll :roll :roll
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    I hope you have a good experience at your school. The wage for LPN is $10- 13 starting in Parkersburg area.
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    It really is a shame that you had to go through that- dOnt let it discourage you. If you do, you have let them win the fight.
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    So sorry that happened to you. Take the high road and continue to follow your dream. Try another school. Garnet is good. Best wishes to you.
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    The hospital here quoted 9.50 an hour. I was very surprised when I heard that. That's less than I make at my office job.

    Hence, I declined my acceptance letter. I've decided for that kind of money, I'm definitely going straight for my RN.