Thoughts on hospitals near Beckley

  1. Hello. I am a new RN thinking of relocating to West VA. I have heard Raleigh General is a disaster. Poor morale, no help, old equipment, and the list goes on.... this is what I have heard. So I will probably avoid them.

    Anyone know about the Beckley ARH hospital near-by?? What about Summers County??

    I am a new RN. Any info. is appreciated. Thanks very much!!
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  3. by   Redneckmedic63
    Dont know much about Beckley ARH anymore, but Summers Co. is very small with very limited resources. If I were going to look in that area, go to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center near Lewisburg. Worked there several years ago and loved it! Only reason I still don't is because the cost of gas got too high and I was commuting from Huntington. Was a great place to work - small, but a teaching hospital, and management seemed to be very personable and good. You'll hear gripes about anywhere you go - but I'd still go back there! Good luck!
  4. by   Epona
    Thanks very much for the input! See, a friend of mine is going to let me stay for free at his home. He lives in the Hinton area so I am looking to stay around that area. I did a mapquest from Lewisburg to Hinton and it's an hour and 30 minutes one way. So yikes, that is going to be out due to the drive.

    Thanks though for the input.
  5. by   Redneckmedic63
    Just to help you out - it never took me more than an hour. From Hinton, the interstate is the long way - instead take Rt 3 via Alderson. The hospital is actually in Fairlea/Ronceverte. It's an easy, country drive. To me it was worth it. My in laws were near Hinton, so I often would stay a couple days and drive back and forth from there - piece of cake! PM if you have more questions...

    Might also check out Princeton Community Hospital. Used to be a good place to work years ago. Its about 45 mins from Hinton if you take Rt 20.
  6. by   Epona
    Thank you!! :redpinkhe
  7. by   catrpearl
    I used to work at Greenbriar Valley and loved it. Commuted from Flat Top. The drive took me an hour and 20 minutes, but it was worth it. Wonderful staff and the physicians were young and treated the nurses well. Would do it again, but I'm living in Georgia now. I tried to work in Bluefield, but it was horrible. Stay away from there or you'll jeopardize your license!