Starting Davis & Elkins with Wifey in Aug. - page 2

My wife and I are starting the ADN in a few months. Anyone else attending? Figured I'd say hello now. Anyone know much about D&E. We found it online and are moving from Wyoming to attend.... Read More

  1. by   XYnurse2B
    Thanks for the good wishes! We will be moving from W.V. We've been looking primarily in Texas, though have options in Virginia and Georgia as well. Things are still playing out. As far as D&E, we chose the school for the instant admission and rapid entry into nursing... not for it's stellar academic record. We are satisfied with the preparation we have received to become nurses, though wouldn't say we're in awe of the program. Bottom line, it's a very personal education which prepares you fairly well for the NCLEX. Lot's of $$$$$, but the extra 2 years of working instead of being on a wait list somewhere else offsets the extra dough. Elkins has been rough for us, not exactly our cup of tea... but we know in the long run, it'll have been worth it.
  2. by   barefootlady
    Thanks for the reply. I am not a big fan of Texas for many reasons, I think the culture shock would be overwhelming for me. LOL!
    I understand why Elkins may not be someone's favorite place. Where ever you and the wife end up I wish you luck and blessings. Let us know where you land.
  3. by   Andrey78
    Hello nurses!!! I am LPN for now,in few months i will start RN prgramm and DAVIS&ELKINS university. Any suggestion about school and teachers? than you