Putnum General to close

  1. Wow! What a bombshell and to be dropped so suddenly and so thoughtlessly on the employees and medical staff. Nice to know these people will be paid until the end of September. But, what of the future?

    There is little doubt this facility filled a void in the area. There is little doubt the economy of the area will suffer. The employees, many who only wanted to work close to home and contribute to the community, are once again left holding the bag. I am sure there will be offers to transfer to positions in other area HCA facilities but what of those who do not or cannot work out of the area?

    Just think, a little checking, a little more oversight, a little less profit for this corporation could have saved so much suffering.
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  3. by   Saoudishabiba
    I hadn't heard that it was closing. They are still running advertisements for staff in the Charleston Gazette.

    HHHmmmm....something to think about.
  4. by   JenSICU_CCRN
    horrible isn't it? that is so near where i live and work, and i know nurses and radiology techs that work there. i don't know what they are going to do, especially with the hospitals hiring the new grads and not doing much hiring as of now. i have been keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. with it turning into an immediate care, is there a chance that some of the staff can keep their jobs i wonder?