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  1. Hello everyone here,

    I am just new in this forum & i found this very interesting & helpful especially with it comes to nursing field.

    By the way, I am new here in the states too, I just got here last June 2005, I am from the pacific island particularly Philippines. I am still adjusting the new environment & new life here. But i am enjoying being here.

    I would like to ask information on getting a nursing degree here in west virginia. My husband is from charleston, WV. Currently, we are located at ft.campbell, kentucky right now since he is stationed here but on sept. he will be deployed to iraq so then i will move to west virginia & stay with his family. I am interested to go back school & get a degree in nursing. Can you pls. give me a guide how to get BSN degree here? I finished a bachelor degree in Philippines majoring accounting. Do they accredit some of my subjects that i already take while attending school in philippine? what school in charleston offer BSN degree? Is expensive to study nursing here? how much the tuition fees? Pls help me. I dont have any idea how to start first.
    I am waiting for the reply, I really appreciate it if any one can help me. Thanks in advance. God bless you all!
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  3. by   sunnyjohn

    here is a link to Robert C. Byrd Health Science Center in West Virginia. It is connected to West Virginia University.