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New Grad in Huntington, WV

  1. 0 Does anyone have any idea what the starting pay is for a new grad RN in huntington WV? I have an interview at one of the hospitals there and after reading some of the posts here I am kind of worried about the pay in WV. Everyone were I live keeps saying that the 2 hospitals in huntington are the highest paying in our area (they offered to pay me 15/ hr for an lpn position there) . Also, any advice on working at any of the 2 hospitals would be appreciated, Cabell Huntington Hosptal and St. Mary's are the 2 in question. Thanks alot!
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    Never Mind, I already got the answer at my interview!19.80/hr. for new grads this year, that isn't bad at all. That is for day shift, not with shift diffs, and also with bennies.
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    I GOT THE JOB!!! WHOOOOTTTTT!!!!! GOT MY PHONE CALL TODAY, SAYING THE HR DEPARTMENT WILL BE CALLING! Thank God. Oh, it is in the ED, with self scheduling shifts, and full bennies! :hatparty:
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    :hatparty: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Best of luck to you
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    Congrats, I hope you like it. I got a temporary position on the med/surg floor at a hospital in my small town. Starting pay is $17.65 for days, I'll be on 7p-7a shift after orientation. I'm hoping that I'll have a full time position soon. I start Monday-OSHA safety films, 3 days of computer training, 1 day class to learn IV sticks, then the next week, work in same day surgery and start IVs for 3 days.j I was worried about the IV sticks, because they didn't teach IVs at my nursing school.
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    Best wishes on your new jobs, I hope you both have nothing but good experiences coming your way in the next few weeks. Nursing is still the best career for someone who cares about others and wants to try and make a difference in the lives of others.
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    thanks everyone!!!! i got the call from hr today and i am all set!! woo_hoo! :hatparty: