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  1. 0 Hi, I don't live in West Va but my Husband (also an RN) have rural property in Summers county and like to go there as much as we can and work (on the land that is). We talk about moving there but going from the dc suburbs to there will be a big change. The biggest unknown (or maybe known from what I've read on this site) is what kind of nursing jobs are out there and how much $ we can make. Anway, I'm happy to have found a way to connect with nurses in WV!
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    Hi there! I just moved from Hyattsville Md to Jefferson county Wv. What a change, the people are so much nicer here and so far everyone has been really tolorant of biracial families here too.
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    Hi Twinmommy, thanks for your reply. Do you have a nursing job in WVa? How is the pay? The working conditions?
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    Hey there! I'm originally from Charleston, WV.....went to school @ WVU, but I am currently living in DC b/c I am in CRNA school @ Georgetown University. I tell you that I cannot wait to get back home to WV. People are so much nicer there and it is so much more laid back. Not as much hustle and bustle, but then again, maybe it's because I grew up there. Best of luck to you!!!


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