1. Need info on LPN to RN online courses.
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  3. by   Nutty RN
    Sorry, I can't help you. I have an RN degree and had to sit in the classroom setting. I procrastinate too much to do it online.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   NurseDixie
    I'm not sure where you can find an online class for LPN to RN, but wouldn't it be great to work at your own pace? I will graduate in Dec. with an ADN and am thinking of looking into a RN to BSN online class that I can do in my own spare time, while I work.
    Good luck to ya.
  5. by   Sarah Kat
    The only school that is able to provide you with LPN - RN distance learning (and is NLNAC accredited) is Excelsior. If you live near Charleston, UC has a LPN to RN associates program. I just got accepted to Garnet's LPN program (I start in January). My plan is to get my associates through Excelsior, then test for my RN then get my BSN through Excelsior. I want to eventually go back to school fulltime later to get my MSN (hopefully I will have decided which area of specialty by then). But for now, I can only devote one year (my LPN) to fulltime study. If you want to know more about Excelsior, there is discussion about it on the LPN Corner and I think in the Student Nursing discussion boards. Excelsior is especially good if you're like me and you took some prereqs in college before deciding what you wanted to be. If you got your LPN from an NLNAC accredited LPN program within the last 5 years (I think it's five years, look on the excelsior site) you won't have to take the 2nd nurses exam for the associates degree from Excelsior.

    Check out Excelsior's Nursing Catalog (you'll need Adobe Acrobat).

    Apparently there's also a school called Deaconess. I think you have to visit their campus a few times, though. Check out the discussion about distance learning. Go to the Student Nursing forum, then go to the Distance Learning subforum.
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  6. by   kcw74
    I am not sure about the LPN to RN online courses, but currently I am enrolled at WVUIT in an online RN to BSN course and loving it. I think there is a D & E graduate in my class.
  7. by   wvnurse1
    Quote from mmz54
    Need info on LPN to RN online courses.
    I am getting my RN through Excelsior College. I have completed all my requirement except the clinicals and am waiting for a date to test. After that I can sit for state boards. If you want to check it out the web site is:
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    You can look into the LVN to BSN at Indiana State University, ADN @ EC, ADN @ Deconess and the last I know about us UOP has a LVN to RN program. Be cautious as to the state you live in and the requirments for that state.