Just started LPN School, very discouraged about grades

  1. i started school about 3 weeks ago, we have a test about every day. There has been a few good grades and a few so-so grades, but today, oh my goodness, i made a horrible grade, i mean i absolutly bombed. My grades keep gettting worse because I'm so stressed out. I averaged my grades and im barely passing Any tips on studying and test taking?
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Listen in class, take concise notes, be prepared to have a test everyday. Set aside an hour everyday to read and review the material. Do you have another student to study with? Ask questions from quizz/test material? Last thing, You do not have to make A's to be a good nurse.
    By the way, what PN school do you attend? Good luck.
  4. by   afarru
    I study from the time i get home to the time i go to bed. I know the material like the back of my hand. That is why it is so discouraging to make the bad grades. I write everything the teachers says. I think my problem is with the type of questions. They are critical thinking questions. Im not used to those. :uhoh21: There will be 4 right answers, but picking the best one is challenging. Any tips for doing good on these type of test questions?
  5. by   barefootlady
    We were told to always discount "never and always" in any answer. Of course, you always take an apical pulse before you give Dig, and you never give Morphine if a patient has respiration below 10, usually 12. So, that never and always goes out of the window.
    Remember you are looking for the answer that will apply to the greatest number of patients, will do the least harm, and will generally insure a good outcome. Sounds like you are overthinking the tests and have high anxiety levels. Why not discuss this will your instructors and maybe they will give the whole class some pointers on how to take tests. It can't hurt and it may help. Good luck. And let me know what happens.