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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you... Read More

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    Hi all my names Tiffany I just graduated LPN school in July and passed my boards in August. I still haven't found a job yet. Anybody got any ideas?

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    Hi Tiffany, Gee, I don't know where Fort Gay is but did you try LT
    care facilites in your area? I know things in WV are slow. Good luck on your search.
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    I am in my first semester of ADN in Elkins WV. HI to all
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    Hello Cos;

    Good to hear from you. Sometimes I think we have no nurses in WV who want to discuss issues. Hope school is going great for you. Let us hear from you soon.
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    I am a student nurse in WV. I will be graduating in 1 1/2 yrs. I am very excited about that.
    I love this forum. the people are a great help when you have a problem or want to vent!!!
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    Hey tiffany
    Imy best friend lives in Fort Gay. I wonder if you know her. Last name is Spears??? email me back and let me know!!!
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    Good luck in school - I'm a D+E graduate, so I know all your instructors... I am working at DMH so will probably see you around when you do clinicals..
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    Hey barefootlady - What nursing issues would you like to discuss? I agree this state has it's share of nursing problems. I was never employed anywhere that made me do mandatory overtime so that has never been an issue for me. Pay is not the greatest in WV, I agree. You want an administration that understands where you're coming from? -- you'll never find one. They are too far removed to understand us. What do you think?
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    hmmm...I feel silly--haha didn't know we had our own forum for us WV nurses! Hello wo everyone!
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    Welcome wv_nurse 2003,
    Do you graduate soon? I will graduate in December. I'm a non-traditional student (age 46) went back to school after being out of high school for 25 yrs. I'm so glad I did. I love it.
    Good Luck to you. I'm from Mason County, where are you located?

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