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your plans for continuing competency

  1. 1 I received my notice to renew RN license in the mail a few weeks ago with a note at the top stating that, starting on your renewal date in 2011, you have 3 years to complete 531 practice hours and 45 hours of continuing competency.

    I do think this is a good idea. I was actually surprised when I moved to WA that there were no continuing ed requirements. The practice hours shoudn't be a problem for most, but I am wondering about the continuing ed... I assume things like ACLS (ACLS recert maybe?) would all qualify for education, but even that only goes so far. My hospital does have the odd inservice but I rarely attend since I work night shift (they usually have them in the middle of the afternoon) and my commute to work is 1 hour each way and I'm not about to drive 2 hours to work on my day off when I don't get paid.

    I looked on the DOH website and some of their suggestions include nursing research/having your work published (no thanks) as well as "independent study". I'm sure it will end up being less of a hassle than I am currently anticipating. Even though I still have 3 years starting in Jan, I would like to get a jump on things now.. I am a terrible procrastinator and I know that if I at least start thinking about this soon, I will be better off for it.

    So what plans do the allnurses of WA have for continuing competency
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    I have my CCRN which requires 100 CE every 3 years, so I'm covered.
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    But what do you do to get those hours?

    Abbreviations R Us
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    There is an online video at Children's website about continuing competencies if anyone has questions. Basically anything related to improving your nursing knowlegde is ok. The speaker gives this analogy - you could take a nursing book and read it every night for 45 hours and technically this would cover your 45 hours. He is not recommending this , but we are on our honor with this recommendation.

    I am going to be keeping a notebook with my information. I am a school nurse right now and go to several conferences a year. There are lots of videos and webinars etc online for nurses too. Our national organization has bunches of them, and I would assume the WSNA and other specialty field associations do too. Lots of potential hours out there if you look.