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I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the acceptance letters yet. I know it's still a little early, but the letter for the interview said we should know by the 9th. It's basically all I... Read More

  1. by   aastroud3
    I've seen in posts from the previous semesters that they do use their wait list, so don't give up hope. There was one semester where a girl found out she got a slot the night before orientation.
  2. by   Kimberley0531
    Wow....that's encouraging! Thanks. I'm hoping it will's just been a long tough road. Really want the BSN after all this.
  3. by   TristanNicole
    Hey everyone! My name is Tristan and I'm currently a J2, I'll be an S1 when you guys start, and id like to say congrats for getting in or stay positive and hopeful if you haven't yet! If anyone has any questions let me know!
  4. by   a2012
    Hi Tristan,
    I have read some of your old postings. It's very encouraging to know that many people get in school after reapplying. Could I ask what your pre-requiste GPA was and if you had any repeats. Here is my situation:
    I applied for Spring 2012 with a 3.2 pre-req gpa and was not admitted. I was told to repeat Anatomy and Nutrition. I applied for Fall 2012 and was not offered an interview because the school had to make decisions before I was done with classes,so my gpa was still not competitive. I am now finishing up my last repeat and applying for the Fall 2013. My pre-req GPA is most likely a 3.6,Ill have to wait for my official grade at the end of this quarter. First 2 times I applied for Spokane,I am hoping that I can get into the Yakima campus. Do you honestly think i have a shot of getting in? How was the interview and how did you conduct yourself? Any advice is appreciated and congrats on entering S1!
  5. by   TristanNicole
    Hello a2012!
    When I applied both times I was at a 3.8 gpa, and was given an interview both times... However once you get the interview, all bets are off pertaining to your gpa, someone with a 3.4 has as much of a chance to get in as someone with a 4.0. My findings with the interview process were not to be too confident, and if you are really nervous.. Even better! I suggest practicing but not memorising, think about your opinions on topics and look at the website to see what the school is about. All in all sometimes it will depend what questions you get or who your interviewers are, and you can't control those things... I also sent thank you letters to my interviews after my second interview, I'm not sure how much that pays but if you interview again it's something they remember. I think a 3.6 is a great gpa and you should definitely get an interview. And I didn't repeat any classes.
    Hope this helps!
  6. by   Kimberley0531
    So...still waiting to hear about any changes on the wait list for spring 2013. I have already called but frustratingly enough they cannot tell you anything about how many people are on the list or where you are. Trying to stay hopeful but Anxiously waiting! Anyone hear anything?
  7. by   a2012
    Thank you so much and I was also thinking about doing a thank you note,if I get an interview. I will definitely be preparing for this interview because there's not much I can do about my GPA since I've repeated several courses and what did you write in your thank you note?
  8. by   khanh
    I also applied for this Spring 2013, however, until right now I have not had any information or the letter from their yet. I am so anxious every day for waiting it. I heard from my friends who got the same interview day with me that they are still in waiting list too. Does someone give me an advise that what I can do right now? I am really stress and anxiety.
  9. by   TristanNicole
    I just bought pretty plain thank you notes and just thanked them for taking the time to interview me and that I looked forward to working with them in the future, and looked forward to starting my career at wsu con. Pretty basic, although it was a year ago when I wrote them lol!
  10. by   a2012
    I hope you get called from the wait list! I know it's frustrating,I too was put on the waitlist for Spring 2012 and they could not give out much info. You can always reapply as long as you don't give up if nursing is what you want to do.I have learned that for some people the journey just takes a little longer and the path itself maybe harder. In the end it's worth it. I hope you applied to other schools,that's something I should have done the first time I applied. I probably could have had my RN and then apply for BSN by now :P
  11. by   Pleasant P
    Hi a2012, your gpa will still matter after the interview process. Everything is rated and those with the higher numbers get selected first and then they go down that list. If you have a strong gpa, but a weak interview you might still be able to get through, likewise if you have a weak gpa and a strong interview you might also get through just the same. I can tell you that repeating courses are not looked upon favorably.

    They want to make sure that the people they select can handle the rigor of the program. I can tell you that there are people who walked into the program with 3.8+ who are struggling. You really need a strong anatomy and physiology background, because it gets deeper and they don't spend a whole lot of time going over things they expect you to know. I think you can do anything you set your mind to, just understand what you are up against and for the interview just be yourself. They asked me questions that I could have never prepared for, but I answered honestly and that's what they are looking for. Good luck and congrats to those who got in.
  12. by   Kimberley0531
    Thanks a2012! I'm still hoping but no I didn't apply anywhere else because leaving the area would be difficult for me. I am married and with his job I don't really see it as an option. Just hoping to hear some good news or that the wait list is moving or something but I'm sure there will be no news till at least after this holiday weekend. Thanks for the encouragement though, still hangin on! =)
  13. by   a2012
    Thanks everyone for your encouragement and advice. I do realize that repeats don't look good,but I did get an A for A&P. My friend just told me about a girl she met on campus who was accepted on her 3rd try! Hopefully this is the case for If not I can always do LPN and apply to WSU or RN-BSN. I just really want to start nursing school already,I miss school Currently I am just working as a caregiver