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I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the acceptance letters yet. I know it's still a little early, but the letter for the interview said we should know by the 9th. It's basically all I can think about at this point.... Read More

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    Congratulation aastroud3! I also applied to Spokane in this Spring, and I am thrilling waiting for the accepted letter everyday. Hopefully, it will come tomorrow and I will be accepted.

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    I hope you get in. It has been quite the wait. Especially since, the interview letter said we would know by the 9th. Hopefully, you hear something tomorrow.
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    Does anyone's application to wsu show as anything other than incomplete?
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    Mine still says incomplete, too. I called and checked on my app a couple of days ago to make sure that I had submitted everything that they needed, and they said that I had. They just need to review it. I'm wondering if sending back our acceptance letter to confirm our attendance has anything to do with it.

    Also-to people who have received their acceptance letter, what pages do I need to put in the white envelope that we mail back? I lost the first page of my packet. I carried it around in my pocket the day I got it because I was so excited and now I can't remember where I put it, lol
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    You have to send back the blue postcard saying that your accepting and the post admission paper by nov 30. In the wire envelope you send in the blue immunization form with supporting documents. I put the printed out test scores from the safety modules, the signed consent form, and the student professional liability insurance form as well.
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    I applied to the Tricities campus for spring 2013 and didn't get the answer I wanted...I was put on the wait list. I'm trying to stay least it's not a No. I was wondering if anyone knows how many people they put on the waiting list...or any other info about it?
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    I've seen in posts from the previous semesters that they do use their wait list, so don't give up hope. There was one semester where a girl found out she got a slot the night before orientation.
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    Wow....that's encouraging! Thanks. I'm hoping it will's just been a long tough road. Really want the BSN after all this.
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    Hey everyone! My name is Tristan and I'm currently a J2, I'll be an S1 when you guys start, and id like to say congrats for getting in or stay positive and hopeful if you haven't yet! If anyone has any questions let me know!
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    Hi Tristan,
    I have read some of your old postings. It's very encouraging to know that many people get in school after reapplying. Could I ask what your pre-requiste GPA was and if you had any repeats. Here is my situation:
    I applied for Spring 2012 with a 3.2 pre-req gpa and was not admitted. I was told to repeat Anatomy and Nutrition. I applied for Fall 2012 and was not offered an interview because the school had to make decisions before I was done with classes,so my gpa was still not competitive. I am now finishing up my last repeat and applying for the Fall 2013. My pre-req GPA is most likely a 3.6,Ill have to wait for my official grade at the end of this quarter. First 2 times I applied for Spokane,I am hoping that I can get into the Yakima campus. Do you honestly think i have a shot of getting in? How was the interview and how did you conduct yourself? Any advice is appreciated and congrats on entering S1!

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