WSU BSN Fall 2012

  1. Anyone else who applied to WSU for Fall 2012? I filed my application on time (Jan 15, 2012), and got my transcripts to NursingCAS by the Feb 1, 2012 deadline. I just checked and it looks like NursingCAS finally completed my GPA calculations. Does anyone else know what will happen next? I know we will get letters by March 20, 2012. But, it would be nice if WSU would communicate to at least let us know if they have received our applications.
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  3. by   Missjohnson
    Hi there,I have also applied and am waiting to hear if I got an interview. They are supposed to mail the letters march 12th so in about 2 weeks... I'm hoping for an interview. Does anyone mind sharing their pre req grade point or their overall gpa? I have 5 years of college and recently switched to nursing a couple of years ago so my overall gpa isn't that great (3.67) my pre reqs are 3.78 so I'm hoping for an interview, if not I'll be devastated.
  4. by   abalone
    I'm nervous. My cumulative GPA is only a 3.57 but my pre-requisite GPA is a 4.0. Since I've heard that much of WSU's decision is based on GPA I'm just hoping for an interview. I've also applied to UW's BSN and I'm waiting on that decision. But, I've already been admitted into UW's ABSN program. Each application cohort is different so who knows what will happen. Your stats and situation sound a lot like mine so just keep your hopes up!
  5. by   Missjohnson
    Yes, well with an amazing prerequisite gpa I'm sure your almost guaranteed an interview! plus if u have received acceptance for any part of uw then you are in good standing because I heard they are a lot tougher. What would you pick if you were to get into both uw and wsu? Just curious I applied to seattleu as well, so waiting to hear from them.
  6. by   kasko
    I applied to WSU as well! Still haven't heard anything from them though. WSU is last on my list, but I'm having a hard time deciding if I would choose UW over SPU or SU (if i get in). SU and SPU are smaller schools which is good but I heard that UW has the "BEST" nursing program. Any opinions?

    I have a 4.0 for my prerequisites, and 3.94 overall GPA. I have also worked as a CNA for 7 months. I am only 18 and still haven't graduated from high school but was able to get ahead by doing the Running Start program. I will be getting my diploma and AA transfer degree for nursing this JUNE
  7. by   samiyegeta
    i applied to wsu spokane for the fall program but i didnt get anything back yet . hopfully i will get in to the program because wsu and plu are the only schools that i applied to. i am done with all of my pre-nursing class and i have about 3.75 gpa, im not sure if that will be good enough?? and i have question for u people r u all girls?? cus its seems like im the only dude.
  8. by   Missjohnson
    I'm a girl, are u a transfer student or at eastern right now? They said interview letters will be mailed today, about half the apps from eastern will get interviews. Plu's nursing program takes three years otherwise I would have applied but it seems like it would cost way more in the long run and take that extra year.. I'm hoping for wsu! Il update when I get a letter saying if I get an interview or not
  9. by   kasko
    Im a girl also Did anybody get anything in the mail?
  10. by   samiyegeta
    i am a transfer student from seattle ccc, did they let u know if they were going to mail all of the letters at once or at diffrent days??

    i will update 2 when i get my letter, r u at eastern??
  11. by   Missjohnson
    Im not positive they sent an email (from our advisors) saying the letters would be emailed march 12th, so I'm expecting mine either today or tomorro, I don't know if that means they will be sending the transfer ones too or not, I kno interviews are either the 1st of April or the 7th so you will find out soon I'm sure so you could plan time to travel... I really wanna know today!
  12. by   perkiv85
    Hi! I applied to WSU Fall 2012 as well and that is the only place I applied. I would be considered a transfer, and I have a biology degree from SPU. Really hoping to get an interview. My husband will be in PA school in the same building in Spokane so it would work out awesome if I get in. If not, I'll have to start applying other places.

    No letter in the mail today, but I will post if anything comes tomorrow!
  13. by   kasko
    I just looked at WSU's webpage and it says that people who will be interviewed will be notified by March 20th. Also interviews are March 31st and April 7th
  14. by   Missjohnson
    Got my interview letter today I get an interview!!! I'm ecstatic