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  1. 1 Do any of you work for a VA Hospital or work as a civilian in an on-post hospital? I'm a retired veteran and when I graduate, I want to work on-post or at a VA Hospital up north. I was raised in Texas and I want to start my life somewhere new and beautiful. Any advice? How can I get plugged in?
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    Are you an LPN or RN? They seem to treat LPN's like dirt at the Seattle VA. I worked there years ago and it was not a great place for anything less than an RN.
    I would think your being a Vet would get you priority. Have you thought about Madigan Hospital on joint base Lewis-McChord? I heard it's a neat place to work.
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    Thank you! I'm not quite out of school yet, but when I graduate I'll be an RN. I'll look into those places. Thanks again for your advice!
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    Good luck! If you are an RN then you wil be ok. The VA has some awesome speciality areas and is a nice hospital. You just need to be an RN if you want to live, lol.
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    Great advice! Thanks!
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    I got hired for the VA Puget Sound at Beacon Hill. I'm quite excited to begin my RN student internship this summer with them as I've Heard nothing but positive comments from people!

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