Which School do you recomend?

  1. I am a senior at Mountlake Terrace. I want to go to a community college and get my Assosiate degree in nursing. Which community college is the best? I want to know their graduation rate, and their hiring rates. And if they have housing. ANd if you have any experiance with the school.
    North Seattle Community College
    Central Seattle community College
    Shoreline COmmunity college.

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  3. by   nohika
    From my understanding, very, very rarely (if ever) do community colleges have housing. I've heard Shoreline is very good, also.
  4. by   TristanT
    Shoreline has the best reputation in the area. They have a point system to get in. Central is "first come, first served" admissions for all who are qualified. North is great for prerequisite classes, but I think they just re-started their nursing program so it's an unknown. On the Eastside there's also Bellevue Community College and Lake Washington Technical College.
    Perhaps the Washington State Nursing Association Web site has NCLEX pass rates. Not sure. It only matters if YOU pass anyway. So apply everywhere, because it's not easy to get in.
  5. by   j450n
    Shoreline, indeed, has a great reputation and is known to be very rigorous. I've heard they're tougher on their nurses than UW's program. North Seattle is definitely a great place for prereqs as well. They have a LPN program and then a ladder to do the LPN-RN program. I don't think there is officially a 2-year ADN program as of yet.
  6. by   malenurz
    Don't short yourself by excluding Everett Community College. Not sure how people think that Shoreline is the "best" and I'm not sure what standards they use for measuring, but I recently graduated from Everett Community College, and 99% pass the NCLEX the first time (If Shoreline is the best, are they 100%?) and nearly every graduate has a job within 3 months of graduation. I know of only 2 graduates from the past year who don't have a job - and one of them moved out of state without any contacts.

    In short, consider Everett Community College. It's pretty solid, and there are no 'points.' It's all grades and the interview.

  7. by   Rachelle/M
    I will have my interview at Everett Community College this thursday...any advice? How's the schedule, is it pretty hectic with clinicals? I am just curious coz i have a 1 year old baby...
  8. by   Rachelle/M
    hey, I got in at Everett Community College... soooo happy They recommended to take Critical thinking and Nursing study skills. Did you take these classes? I know it's not required but if it helped you I might take it. Ohh and another thing, just curious on what type of bag you used? sooo excited